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Fellaor is a continent in the southern hemisphere of Senler, a World located within the prime material plane. Although the name is old elven, dating to 317 of the second era and translating crudely as "the rocklands", the primary inhabitants of Fellaor are human with only a small elven population. Fellaor is home to a vast array of races, including Dwarves, who were the original inhabitants, Humans, Halflings, Elves, and Gnolls, along with Orcs and Goblinoid tribes dwelling in the interior of the continent. Most of the civilized regions of Felloar are located on the exterior of the continent, the interior region, known colloquially as "The Wastes" is harsh and largely forested realm not readily suitable for farming.

The Exterior of the continent is home to a wealth of distinctive cultures and is inhabited largely by humans, the interior is a scattering of wilderness with few signs of developed cultures or civilization, and no major population centers, excepting the goblin city of Orath-Grun.

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[edit] Langueges

No less that five major languages are spoken on the exterior of the continent. By estimated number of speakers, the most popular languages are: Common, which is spoken in The Empire and the Riverlands as well as the islands of Lenwae and Marburg. Sorthish: Which is spoken in Sorthin and among the human inhabitants of Amalest. Dwarven: Spoken by the dwarven inhabitants of Amalest and in many of the human villages located in northern Amalest. Tolfien: A dialect of common spoken primarily in the Northern Islands, this is also the language of sea going commerce for most of the continent and the surrounding Islands. Elven: Is the dominant language in the three primary cities of the Magelaw of Aragana, known to both its human and elven inhabitants.

[edit] Cities/Villages

The Imperial City


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