Will Anderson

From Familia Niveum

Will Anderson, Marquis of Repressed Memories


Personal Code

Affiliation: Dark

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 0
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Domain 3
    • 6 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Realm 3
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Spirit 1
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points



Will is very tough to kill


Anyone who interferes with Will’s actions will soon find himself target of a hunt by the supernatural Dark Agents. They are all the secret government agents are thought to be by the most extreme anti-government paranoiac. Dark Agents always dress in strict black suits, wear dark glasses and speak in the government official language. Their means of attack are all the dirty tricks government is thought to be able to do to its citizens: altering of the public records to frame person, dirt in the media on the person and his friends, tapping the phones and surveillance through the hypermarket cameras. The level of attack is related to how much harm of nuisance the person is to Will.


Deep Sleep

A limit of Domain (+1DMP)

The lingering effects of the Excrucian plot against the Regina Nivea remain. All her nobles sleep deeply. During their normal hours of sleep, they will awaken for no sensation less than great pain. This makes guarding their estates a more difficult task.


Restrictions are much like limits, but less universally problematic; they grant extra miracle points only when they become a major problem.

Must avoid public attention and records (+1 DMP) Must follow the lawful directive of the peace officers (+1 DMP) Vulnerable to Nightmares Can't harm person who alwayes spoke truth, while having the opportunities to lie


Reputation in the birth town as "Loony Kid" (1)

Repuatation as good, normal person in the big city (2)

Parent's factory (3)

Verdict about his insanity (3)

Red's strightforwardness (4)

The murder attributed to him (2)

Estate of Repressed Memories (5)


Cruelly Truthful

William will speak truth in the most straightforward, inconsiderate fashion. Neither advantages of flattery nor emotional distress the revelation would cause for another would sway him from speaking it.


Will Anderson was born in the family of a rich manufacturer in the small town. While his childhood was generally a happy one, at somepoint in his teenage years he developed a psychological disorder that caused serious mood swings and chaotic urges. The disease was triggered by some unexplained chemical imbalance that developed by the whim of nature. Despite highly priced experts and treatment in mental hospital his conditioned worsened. While some urges lead to harm other people in town, Will's actions were tolerated because his mother owned the factory, which was the only source of jobs. Most of the people at some point just started to phase him out, ignoring him so as not to attract trouble. This alienation put great preassure on Will and eventually pushed him to set fire to the local bookshop. It was night and he quickly put out the fire, but his actions were noticed by one of the town's people Red. While no real harm was done, Red beat him up, shouting that in this town he'd never be anything more then a loony, until his parents go broke and he is kicked out.

The night after Will gathered his possesions, took money from the safe and run away. He lived on the road for a year, going with no sense of direction, until he started a new life in the big city with investment into a small retail buisness to keep his ends. Somehow his illness waned, the urges and mood swings went away. Whether it was because of some natural processes in brain or the will he developed during his wandering lifestyle he never knew, as he developed a strong fear and loathing of psychologists. The following years were full of success, partly due to fortune, partly due to Will's workacholic attitude. He developed a no-nonsense attitude and very normal lifestyle to escape his past. The fear of it made him form a powerful mental barrier to his past, so he stopped thinking of it all together. His new life was that of many friends, security and prosperity.

The fall came sudden. Will was at the party, when he was recognized by one of the people from his childhood town. The person immidiatly contacted the authorities, as it turned out Will was sought after as a dangerous mental patient. Several days after his escape, a man was beaten down to death in the proximity of the town, and the deed was naturally attributed to the "loony of the town". Will was dragged from the party and commited for psychological evaluation. His mental block of the past played a harsh joke on him, as he struggled to answer questions about the events of his youth, but could not bring himself to remember. His words and actions were twisted to bring into the acordance with the verdict that was already formulated in the minds of the doctors. Will was labaled crazy and to his own horror started to rapidly develop the mood swings and urges that he feared and loathed so much...

A chance lead to his escape and in mentally unhinged he set out to uncover all about his past and people conected with it. He found that his parents were devastated by his escape and that lead to their ruin and death. Red was blamed by the townsfolk for "pushing the kid over the edge" with his actions and soon left the town. Some of the people he knew in his new life testified to the doctors that he was a bit off and his "acting normal" was too strained and overdone to be true. The final discovery lead him to the true murderer in the case attributed to him. Even after years the clues were so obvious to the mind, that was not set to conect man with murder, not murder with man.

At this point he was found and would have been locked in the cell for the rest of his life, if it wasn't for his ascension as a Noble of the Repressed Memories.


Doug Forester [Love]

Derek Webb [Hate]

Doug Forester “Red” - [Love]

Red is a straightforward and a bit violent man when confronted with problems. He has few friends, but can call those to be true. There is a certain brotherhood with customary meetings and similar interests between them. Red travels in an old car, does odd jobs and enjoys the wilds. In his heart though he is more then ready to settle should he find a place or person to tie him down. While not the brightest person, somehow he always manages to grasp the basic truths underlining the situation and never shrinks to tell his mind. Will thinks highly of him because of his honest and insightful way of dealing with other people. Red set him to leave his town, which led Will to a new and better life.

Derek Webb [Hate]

Derek is an athletic and bright person of humble origins. He managed to get into University due to his hard work and natural intelligence. His ongoing well deserved success lead him to become mad with anger, when he discovered that his girlfriend cheated on him, with someone whom Derek considered clearly undeserving, a lazy, horse playing guy who got into the university only because of his parents money. Derek confronted him when they both were driving to the airport. They left the car to discuss things, which soon lead to a fight. In the fight Derek dealt a blow after which his opponent collapsed and hit his head on the stone. He tried to help him, but his victim died in several minutes of agony. This has shaken Derek profoundly as he never intended to kill anyone. After regaining composure he picked up all that would link him to the crime (though a bit too hastily so Will managed to find a personal item linking him to the place of crime) and prepared to leave as an idea stroke him. He made the death look like a work of a madman, as he remembered hearing that someone mentally unstable was on the loose, when he was at the gas station. After returning he for sometime lived in fear of discovery and guilt of the deed, but eventually managed to move on. After graduating Derek broke up with his girlfriend and moved to the big city where he opened his own company Leir Tech, which was on the raise ever since. To quell the feeling of guilt he strived to do good works and help other people. His outgoing personality and drive made him a popular person with many friends.

At this point Will found him. Will’s feelings at this point were rather neutral and hearing of Derek’s reputation he could not but bring parallels between their lives. But as Will became a Noble he had in his power to discover that while Derek still deeply regretted the murder, he gave no thought at all to the consequences of the framing Will for the deed. This combined with the fact that Derek was doing well in his mortal life inflamed the hatred of Will. He knows though that as his life got ruined by running away from the problem, so will Derek’s would be as the events of the past would come back to haunt him.

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