The Regina Nivea

From Familia Niveum

In the beginning the echos of creation roared through the universe. The world tree shook; worlds glowed and smoked under the terrible wild fury of the sound. The angels, young as the world, knew nothing but terror at the sound.

Then, the smallest, the meekest of their number stepped forward; and quietly, she said to that cacaphony- 'shh.'

And the terrible sound fell away from heaven, and the worlds of the Ash knew their first silence. And those worlds closest to Heaven cooled, and knew peace.

And the first snow fell, in perfect silence.

-A story of Heaven


Born at the dawn of creation, the Lady of Snowfalls stands amongst the eldest of all Imperators. Yet she stands youngest amongst these firstborn. It was she, the youngest of angels, who brought quietude to the world, and it is she that has defended it throughout all the ages of creation. For this she is beloved of all the great powers of the universe; even the fallen angels in Hell seek what little scraps of her gifts they can have for themselves, for in quietude is respite.

When the Valde Bellum began, the angels secreted their little sister away in the safety of a chancel, the Locus Niveum. On a hundred nights, a hundred lives were given willingly; those who lived in pain walked out into the night and found their final destination. Here the Regina Nivea went. On that day, she created her first Noble- the one hundred and first man who would have given his life was instead made her eternal guardian, given the sole task of watching over the chancel.

Nobody knows when it happened, but at some point in history the Regina became the target of perhaps the most insidious and far reaching of all Excrucian plots yet discovered. They turned her very gift to the world against her, and the Lady became so enwrapped in quietude that she could not act against them, nor preserve her domain. For centuries she slept in a quiet grotto in the Locus Niveum, dreaming peacefully, even as quietude faded from the world outside. Strife spread and grew and ate at the world like a cancer, and respites grew fewer and far between.

Quiet might have passed from the world altogether if not for the actions of a most unlikely savior. The Discordant, the fallen angel whose domain stands exactly opposite hers, was the first to understand what was happening. At first he was filled with twisted glee that his victory stood imminent. Yet the actions of his Powers revealed the Excrucian plot, and he was enraged to find that the death of quietude would be a victory, not for Discord, but for nothingness. His domain would lose its definition along with its opposition. With great regret, he sent his Nobilis to invade the peace of Locus Niveum and jolt the Regina Nivea from her wasting sleep.

The Lady of Snowfall, returned to wakefullness and watchfullness, found that her works had crumbled, her Familia Caelestia fallen, and her domain faded in glory. She immediately set to work righting the world, and enNobled a new family of powers to help her in that fight. Yet she is still in danger, for the last threads of the Excrucian plot have not yet faded...


The Regina Nivea presents herself to the world as a little girl, eight years of age. White hair cascades to her back; her eyebrows are similar in color, and her eyes a delicate silvery grey. Only one flaw marks her face- a faint scar accross one eyebrow. She dresses in the idealized clothing of cold weather cultures. She speaks only rarely, and never raises her voice above a soft murmur. She rarely chooses to reveal her true angelic aspect, which is much the same but clad in white robes, with even longer hair that trails below her ankles and enormous feathery wings.

Imperator Traits

Dynasty Points Dynasty points are a pool of magic which any Power of the imperator can draw on as generic Miracle Points. The Regina Nivea has 10 dynasty points at the beginning of the campaign. At any time, 25 points may be spent to buy off a disadvantage or purchase a new positive Imperator trait.

Failing (-1 Imperator Point) The Regina Nivea has been the target of a nearly successful Excrucian plot, and remains in danger of falling. Every session, she loses 2 dynasty points. If she reaches 0, each of her Powers loses 1 character point and the pool is reset to 20.

Great Harvest (2 Imperator Points) Though broken, the Lady's ancient power remains. Every session, the Regina's Nobles may add four dynasty points to her pool by recovering a relic of the Lady's fallen works or her former Powers. (This requires a considerable investment of game, but not necessarily play, time).

Granted Handicap (-1 Imperator Points) The lingering effects of the great Excrucian plot remain. All those attuned to the soul of the Regina Nivea (her Nobilis, in other words) sleep deeply. During their normal hours of sleep, no sensation less than great pain will wake the noble.

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