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Stultus is often called "The Forgotten God." Not, however, because those making the reference consider the Imperator (a True God, most say; though some think Wild Lord may be closer to the truth) a thing of the past. Instead, it is because no-one ever seems to remember what he- or she- looks like. Details of face, eyes, hair, height, weight, build, voice, mannerisms, skin color, and even gender all slip sideways out of even Imperial minds; indeed, do so even while one looks directly into the maddening being's eyes and try to name their color. Those attempting to describe him come away with strings of random adjectives, even slipping fluidly between gender forms. Perhaps most maddeningly of all, everyone who's ever seen him knows perfectly well that she doesn't actually change at all; it just won't stay put in memory long enough to even be turned into a concept.

Once one moves away from the evidence of touch, sound, smell, sight, and Sight, to things derived less directly, much more is known about Stultus. The name means "fool" in both latin and the Lingua Caelestia from which it is taken. Stultus has worn it with pride for some eight thousand years, close to (but not quite) the age of creation. For all that time, it has poked and prodded at Humanity- delighting in, marveling at, inspiring, and tempering the infinite follies of the race. His Empire is all the myriad ways humans have of failing to perceive reality, their ways of falling prey to them or taking ruthless advantage of those who do, their ways of rejecting them, even their ways of using them to build empires.

Some say he is the original cause, the causa causans of all such follies (these say that she is a Wild Lady). Others say they are the cause of him, that he is merely an embodiment (these counterclaim, a True God). On the topic, Herself is mum, dismissing the matter with a ready chuckle and a twinkle in the eyes (from which, it is agreed, one can at least deduce that he has eyes.) Indeed, this is the Forgotten God's reaction to all things. Creation itself, it seems from his merriment, is a joke so grand it has been played on itself.

Only the Excrucians are a serious matter in her eyes. At the mention of the interlopers from beyond reality, a look so feral and hate-filled flashes in her eyes that even a Fallen Angel could be taken aback. He has lost something to them- what it is, he will not say. Perhaps, given their nature, she cannot; yet he loathes them with all his being nonetheless.


Imperial Traits:


Stultus has studied the nature of folly- and, because the mind cannot be understood in parts, all other emotions and motivations- for millennia. He understands his nobles well, and thus cares for them more strongly than most Imperators and would never waste their lives. Perhaps more (or perhaps less) importantly, the understanding has suffused her nature so thoroughly that it is also part of the soul she shares with her Nobilis. Each of them, as a result, has but to look into the face of mortal, Power, or Imperator to catch some hint of true emotion, no matter how stony the face; indeed, even should the face be cast in stone.

((OOC: Ordinarily, an utterly perfect poker face is a mere aspect 2 miracle, and even a mortal effort could frustrate low-aspect powers.))


No other Ymera quite comprehends Stultus; none know why they cannot remember her face, none know whether she is cause or effect, none know what her ultimate purpose is. Some of the same inscrutable essence pervades his nobles and aids their cause. First, they are entirely absent from the Sight, much as vampires are wont to be absent from mirrors. Their estate cannot be determined by any being, save by admission or empirical observation, and only someone who cycles back and forth betwen Sight and vision (where they suddenly appear, as if from nowhere) can detect them as non-humans. Second, the Noble's image blurs in one's mind, so that it can be remembered adequately for one's own purposes but never described to others. Finally, no image of the Power can ever be recorded in any medium, be it artistic or technological.

((OOC: This is intended to be a positive thing. Of course, the last point does also present a possible Revelatory Trait; you will gain 1 GMP if it becomes problematic. The first and second points are overridden by an active Unblemished Guise.))

Dim Wardings

For whatever reason, hatred for the Excrucian kind pervades Stultus' being, and thus the shards of her soul embedded in her Nobilis. Their mere proximity drive Excrucian Anchors into agony, and a touch shatters the Anchor's connection to their master. Further, no Excrucian magic can ever divine the locations of Stultus' Familia. However, unlike the wardings set by some stronger Ymera, Shard and Full Excrucians feel only strong discomfort when close to the Powers.

((OOC: Close = 'within 50 feet.' The discomfort is not a game effect per se, but could cause an Excrucian to reveal himself to you.))

Untalented: Non-Linguistic Visuals

Evidently some part of Stultus' inscrutability to Creation runs both ways, because the Forgotten God has never shown any ability at all to comprehend or create visual sorts of art. The same weakness- though, fortunately, only in terms of creation- has lodged itself in the minds of his Nobilis. Whether their object is a painting of daises, a bust of Caeser, an engineering diagram, a police sketch, or a simple map to the nearest department store they are unable to get it right; only writing does not frustrate their efforts.

((OOC: This *is* a pure handicap, and you don't get extra MP for it. All I'll say to that is "such things build character," in more ways than one, and this guy is still far from point balanced. ;) ))
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