Osric Masterson

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Osric Masterson, Duke of Technicalities

Osric was a black child born in Elizabethan England, where such was not exactly common, nor very highly regarded. His father was a far-from-well-off craftsman who only got poorer; his mother died giving birth to him. By the time his father died, he was a poorly trained carpenter who had to support himself, and was unable to do so solely with his craft. Osric made his way in the world with a quick wit and a clever tongue. By the age of twenty, he had been a pickpocket, a con man, an actor, a merchant, and more. By twenty-five, he had wormed his way up to the halls of power, and by thirty, he was whispering advice into the ears of might and few could afford to ignore him. Through books and hired tutors, Osric achieved a fine education to further his cause--and delved into mortal magic, the dark arts: the shedding of his blood to produce power; the summoning and binding of creatures; the weaving of his will, painstakingly, into reality. He staved off age and gathered wealth and power, and did not fret overmuch about his soul. Osric learned, during his arcane research, something of the true nature of the world. He learned of the Nobilis, and immediately aspired to such a lofty station. Not quite fully understanding his actions, he learned how to summon the Power of Technicalities, and to bind him, and did so while the Power was weak, managing to overcome him and eat his heart.

His enNoblement did not work out quite the way he thought it would. True, he had become the Duke of Technicalities, his eyes opened to a wholly different way of looking at reality, a shard of the August Personage of Jade's soul embedded in his. The spirit of the previous Power of his estate surged into him, wrestling with him for control of his body. Technicalities had to die, due to the machinations of a number of his enemies--but he was doing so (of course) only technically. He had placed the knowledge of the Nobilis in Osric's hands; he had manipulated events that led to Osric summoning him and eating his heart. He meant to seize control of Osric's body, and have died, but technically live again. Osric, however, was no fool; he knew more than Technicalities had anticipated, and a battle ensued--Osric's cunning and suddenly-acquired power against the former Technicalities' equal cunning and experience and knowledge. Eventually, it came down to a stalemate, and a bargain to work together--Osric, the new Duke of Technicalities, and the old Duke inside his head, a part of him.

Aspect: 0 AMP: 5 Domain: 4 DMP: 5 Realm: 0 RMP: 5 Spirit: 3 SMP: 9

Gifts: "Actually!", 2 point Gift of Domain--Osric has the uncanny tendency to show up and announce a missed technicality--whether it existed beforehand or not--just when others least desire him to do so. (As Perfect Timing, only with a different trigger.) Worldwalker, 2 points--Osric slips through the cracks of the walls of worlds, able to make his way into almost any chancel with ease.

Affiliation: Personal Code

Limits: Uninspiring (+1 SMP) - Osric's soul-shard is buried deep within, surrounded by the previous Power of Technicalities. He does not burn with the brightness of spirit he possesses. Light Touch (+3 SMP) - Osric's relationships with his anchors are interesting. He cannot force them--but he is cunning enough not to need to...

Restrictions: Can Be Summoned And Bound - Osric can be summoned, by those who risk it. He can even, technically, be bound. However, in his presence, even a perfect pentagram might find itself suddenly flawed. (MP paid as Can Be Summoned But Not Bound, as enabling his own release is trivial.)

Virtue: Cunning

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