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Duke of Policing

The man walking down the street is a man, but people treat him differently. Some look upon him with respect, some with fear, some with contempt. He adjusts his hat and absently rests a hand on his handcuffs as he eyes a kid emerge from a shop, stolen goods bulging his pockets. The boy runs, the shopkeeper shouting after him. The man takes off, moving faster than the boy, and catches him by the collar.

'Perhaps you should give all that back,' he says, and the boy nods nervously. He knows he's made a mistake.

'Yes sir,' he says. He walks back to the shop and starts emptying his pockets. The shopkeeper waves in thanks, and the policeman tips his hat. Down the street a man snatches a woman's handbag, and she screams. He starts running. Time for the next job.


Mick Peel

Personal Code

Affiliated to the Light, for the betterment of humanity, the nurturing of its potential and to protect it from its own darker side.

  1. Humanity must live, and live forever.
  2. What must be done ought be done cleanly.
  3. Humans must be protected, particularly from themselves.

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 2
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Domain 4
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
    • Game state: 4 DMPs left
  • Realm 1
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Spirit 1
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points



(Minor Divination of Truth, Penetration 5, Simple, One Person, One Trick, Common)

Years of working in the police gave Mick an effective sense of when somebody is lying. Commencement has only sharpened this skill.



Respect: Police

Mick cannot show disrespect or discourtesy to police officers pursuing their duty, neither can he lie to them. This restriction grants one MP when appropriate.


6 His Anchor, Kevin Davies
4 His Anchor, Alex Bailey
3 The role of the police in society
3 The rule of justice
2 The integrity of British police officers
2 International police cooperation


Kevin Davies

Kevin Davies was Mick's friend from boyhood. Inseperable at school, they studied different A levels, but were both accepted on the same police intake with the same force, and were initially posted to the same station. Flatmates since they left school, Mick and Kevin have become so close that they each find it difficult to imagine life without the other. Although there is no romantic link between them, their bond is one of deep and abiding love and respect, and no brothers could be any closer. Mick's Commencement as a Noble has given Kevin no jealousy, for he always felt Mick was the better policeman. Whether correct or not, Kevin's continued friendship and respect has been unwavering, and he quickly volunteered to be Mick's first Anchor. Without need for any manipulation from Mick, Kevin is now well-placed as a respected Inspector with the Metropolitan Police in London, and is able to keep an eye on many things relating to Mick's Estate in the United Kingdom and beyond, as he has developed good contacts in Interpol.

Alex Bailey

A senior FBI agent based in Washington DC, Alex is one of the most noteable female FBI agents in recent history. Her early career was marked by her unusual instinct for trouble. While some saw her striking looks and assumed that she was being unduly favoured, she always considered that it was more difficult for her to rise through the Bureau because of her sex and appearance, and that she was being held to a higher standard than others.

Rather than waste time complaining, she remained dedicated to her work, following the example set by her father, a retired FBI agent. After twenty years she moved from her home state of North Carolina to Washington DC, where she now works primarily on anti-terrorism intelligence. In this role she comes by a great deal of information, and frequently liases with other agencies worldwide. It was in the course of one case that Alex met Inspector Kevin Davies in London. Impressed by her abilities and position, he brought her to the attention of his Noble, who watched her for two full years before approaching her. Impressed with her natural abilities, he now hovers on the verge of initiating a romatic relationship with her, but refrains for fear of disrupting her utility as his Anchor.


It might be said to run in his blood, for he descends from Sir Robert Peel, the founder of the first modern police force in London. His father was not a policeman, neither was his grandfather, but he knew it was his destiny from childhood. By twenty-eight he was a Sergeant in Cambridge, holder of more commendations and medals than anybody else had ever had with his length of service. Already there was talk that he would be Chief Constable before he was forty. A single man, dedicated solely to his job, it was an ambition he allowed himself.

Until he went to a fight in a house. The neighbours had heard screaming and shouting and breaking glass, and he went to the door cautiously. Backup was on the way, but the screaming continued. The door was ajar, and he pushed it slowly open, baton in hand.

The house was a mess, and crashing sounds came from the kitchen.

'Police!' he called out, and there was sudden stillness. He entered the house and looked into the kitchen to find the barrel of a gun in his face. Time froze. He saw, impossibly, the finger squeeze the trigger, saw the flash of the detonation down the barrel, saw the bullet start to move. He moved out of its way, snatched the gun and threw it well out of the way before slamming its former wielder against the wall. As the handcuffs went on, he felt a presence, heard a concept. A message.

'I have rescued you from death. You are mine now, Nobile.'


Mick stands six feet and five inches tall and has the bulky body of a man you would not want to cross. Slightly tanned skin and indifferently brown close-cut hair make little impression on the eye, but his eyes hold sternness and compassion in equal quantity.


Mick's design is set upon a grey background with white raindrops. Two flowers twine around a caudecus. One has leaves radiating from the base of its stem and a closed bud of silver petals. The other stem is bare, and leads to an open flower of blue sword-shaped petals.

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