Jimmy Wylde

From Familia Niveum

Exemplar of the Drunks, The Drunkard

A giant man sits at the bar, sharing his love of everyone and everything at the top of his lungs. No use complaining- he was cut off a week ago anyway, and the bouncers have all been hospitalized.

Jimmy Wylde always wears a Guise, but he's never hard to recognize at that. Walk into the meanest, rowdiest pub in the vicinity. Look around you for the biggest, sloppiest, rowdiest drunk in the place. That's your man. Don't piss him off- he's everything that every drunk ever thought he was...

"Hey Y'All, Watch This" and "It Sounded Like a Good Idea At the Time" are both decent summaries of Jimmy's behavior at most times. That said, his mind and his spirit both burn bright; as much as he embodies the comical figure of an Andy Capp, he also epitomizes the mad, beautiful, pyrrhic delirium of the drunken poet. He is as unpredictable as any wild animal; he can go from affable to philosophical to belligerent in the space of a few minutes. Perhaps the one constant in his behavior is a fierce protectiveness of his Familia Caelestia.


Personal Code


  1. Freedom is the Highest Principle
  2. Sanity and Mundanity are Prisons
  3. Give in Kind With a Gift Received

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 5 (Exemplar)
    • 7 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Domain 0 (Pawn)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Realm 0 (Citizen)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Spirit 2 (Incandescent)
    • 7 Permanent Miracle Points


Feeling No Pain

(Immutable and Durant)

Every belligerent drunk is convinced he's immortal and invincible. When one is infused with miraculous energy, it only takes being sufficiently convinced of a thing to make it partially true.

Perfect Timing

Stultus knew precisely what he was getting into by enNobling an Exemplar of Drunks. With Imperial foresight, he wove a subtle charm into the threads of reality. No matter how thoroughly his wayward servant might forget space and time, he will somehow fail to miss important events- provided, at least, that such a thing is possible.


Limits are handicaps under which the Noble operates; but in adversity there is power, and limits grant extra miracle points.


A limit of (Aspect) ( +2 MP )

Jimmy's drunkenness is an innate part of his being. Every decision and movement he makes is filtered through a cloud of alcohol. Although an Aspect miracle can filter out the decoordinating effects of alcohol, he still makes regular poor decisions and has the memory of a goldfish.

Light Touch

A limit of Spirit (+2 SMP)

Stultus knew The Drunkard's anchors would need to manage him as much as, or more than, serve him. He made absolutely sure Jimmy couldn't override them in the most expedient manner.


Restrictions are much like limits, but less universally problematic; they grant extra miracle points only when they become a major problem.

Drinking Buddies

(+1 GMP when bonded to friendly Powers; +2 for hostile powers; +3 for Excrucians)

Jimmy is firmly of the opinion that anybody who buys him a drink must be a Pretty Decent Type. He'll hear no ill of his drinking buddies, no matter how obviously foul, unless and until he witnesses altogether irrefutable evidence of their sins.

Respect: Alcohol

(+1 GMP when appropriate)

Jimmy cannot countenance, and will not engage in, any act which will lead to a Waste of Perfectly Serviceable Alcohol.


(+1 to +3 GMP, depending on outrageousness of blackmail)

It doesn't take long documenting Jimmie's behavior to come away with a laundry list of infractions against the Windflower and Chestnut laws. Several beings have taken the time.



  • His hat: 1 point
  • The Guinness brewery: 1 point
  • All other brewers: 3 points
  • All Wineries: 3 points
  • All Distilleries: 3 points
  • Bars and pubs he's still allowed in: 2 points
  • Bars and pubs he's been thrown out of: 1 point
  • Drunken poets: 2 points
  • The Irish: 1 point
  • The Germans: 2 points
  • His (multitudinous) Descendants: 2 points


Jimmy Wylde was born Willem Breuer in the year 1568. He was born to the craftsman's class in a mid-size Austrian town; despite the name, his father was a master silversmith. His family's combination, unusual at the time, of enough money to spend lavishly with too little to stop working for it shaped his early life. He learned a pattern of saving and splurging from his father.

By 16 years of age, he was already known about town as a hard worker- he'd been apprenticed into a different craft from his father's, and was training as a blacksmith- and an even harder drinker. He would work up a good purse full of money and then spend it on a wild party with friends. Over the years, as he progressed to Journeyman status (and developed a prodigious Smith's frame in the process) he grew ever richer, and thus his alcoholic exploits ever more legendary.

By the age of forty, he was perhaps the most famous drunkard in all of Europe. It was said he never did stop drinking at any time of day and night, yet his business only suffered moderately for it. He could write poetry drunk you'd admire sober; he could delight whole taverns with his tall tales or smash them flat in a rage. He never once lost a bar fight, and he never failed to join one- even if he'd been drinking across town. He had more bastards than most princes of the region. He tore a swath across the Holy Roman Empire.

The mysterious Ymera Stultus, always on the lookout for the strangest of Human behaviors, couldn't help noticing this wild fellow. His Familia Caelestia had always had a certain weakness- being dually focused on abstraction and mortality as they were, they had always lacked a focus on the material realm. This, it seemed, might be just the addition to remedy that. Yet, it would be a shame to give such glorious madman the clear head needed to serve and preserve an estate. Ah, but to exemplify it...

Thus the decision was made. Breuer was abducted into Stultus' chancel by the Forgotten God's Nobles, and there recast into the Exemplar of the Drunks. He was cast loose upon the Earth to perform mythic deeds of debauchery, folly, and mad inspiration. His purpose would be not to spread his estate- of all of them, it needed that perhaps the least- but to inspire it.

His deeds have indeed inspired legends accross the world. Every few years he has changed his name- usually to those of famous bandits and pugilists- and continued to leave his inimitable mark on the Earth.


Unlike most anchors, who are so often scattered around the globe to serve as remote extensions of the Noble's will, Jimmy's pair follow him closely. They are as much his guardians as his servants.

Jacquelyn Breuer (Love)

Jacquelyn is Jimmy's great-great-great-granddaughter, descended through the male line from a by-blow he left in Britain sometime around the turn of the 20th Century. She's a fantastic athlete (probably a result of the thin trickle of Noble essence in her blood) and, having seen what alcohol did to her father and brother, utterly dry. This is mostly the reason why Stultus- not Jimmy- chose her as the Exemplar of the Drunk's chief anchor.

The thankless task demands more of the caretaker's spirit than the kindred soul's. She uses delicate diplomacy to talk Jimmy down from his stupidest ideas. She recognizes her duties to her ancestor as important; she actually rather likes the job, even though she thinks the Exemplar himself should take a long walk on a short pier. It's interesting and challenging work, and well compensated.

Jacquelyn is a thirty-something Brit, a Londoner, by nature and nurture. She was raised, along with a brother she now loathes for carrying on their father's worst traditions, by her lower-middle-class single mother. Her father literally wandered off in the night; she hopes he's dead. The fact that she is his spitting image, hardly resembling her mother at all, rubs salt in that wound. She is tall, slender, and graceful; she has a pale complexion, brown eyes, and long brown hair she dies black to lessen the resmblance. She dresses demurely, according to local custom.

Jermaine Breuer (Love)

Jacquelyn's first cousin. Unlike his cousin, he is not a teetotaller, though he is by no means the sort of lush their common ancestor is. He has a bland clerk's personality, an affinity for numbers, and despite these a surprisingly deft sense of diplomacy. He follows Jacquelyn's orders willingly (she is slightly his senior in age, and has been an Anchor for several years longer.) Where delicately managing their ancestor is Jacquelyn's task, Jermaine mostly deals with those who he's angered.

Jermain is businesslike about his duties as an anchor; he really conceives of himself as some celebrity's personal assistant rather than the servant of a demigod. He was actually hired like it was a job- Jaquelyn needed help, and knowing the Exemplar's fondness for his descendants, looked to her relatives for potential fellow anchors. He likes the perks of the job- travel to new and interesting places, large infusions of cash from mysterious benefactors, occasionally meeting other demigods- even if it does have him occasionally arguing down Pitchfork Mobs. He even likes The Drunkard, in a distantly amused way; he doesn't admit this to his cousin.

Jermaine is American, in his late 20s; his father immigrated from Britain in the 70s. Compared to his cousin his home life was rather idyllic. He has a brother and a sister, with whom he has long engaged in semi-joking fraternal warfare; his mother is essentially a saint; his father was a workaholic, but caring when he had time. His mother is African American, but as is the case with most of Jimmy's male line descendants he doesn't owe much of his appearance to her. He looks more like Jacquelyn's brother than her cousin. He hails from northern California. He is tall, absurdly handsome, has brown eyes, tight-curled black hair, and skin just a bit darker than a tanned Caucasian. He's a bit of a fashion plate.

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