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The Jade Emperor's Imperator Traits

  • Cold (The August Personage takes a personal dislike to any of his Nobles violating any of his personal tenets. When you do, he painfully withdraws 2 MP worth of energy to show his disapproval. Service to his Code does not gain any benefit though; he expects you to follow it without need of reward)

  • Clear Sighted (The Jade Emperor is in perfect tune with the Almighty Tao, and sees things as they are. He knows the limits of the capabilities of his servants. Also, he passes on his clear-vision to you all. You can see secret things, like the rain hiding in the sky, the buried path in a swamp, the afterimages of murder and rape even if no blood or evidence remains. There is a word for these Nobles: wise)

  • Demanding (The August Personage knows what he's doing, and he doesn't want any back talk from his subordinates about it. When he asks you to collect the last yellow feather from the virgin kirin before it is deflowered, then you stop fighting that Excrucian, and you go get that feather!)

  • Honorable (The Jade Emperor has untouchable morals. The machinations of Hell or the Excrucians are as clear as day to him, and he would never allow himself to be wrapped in their web. His Powers too can recognize on sight Excrucians, the Fallen, or any of their servants.)

  • Untalented (The Emperor has been as such since before Adam and Eve crawled out of the Garden. He is not a creature of labour or toil, and neither are those who share his soul. When it comes to physical labour, you're all absolutely incompetent.)

The Jade Emperor’s “Noble Miracles” Sheet


The August Personage of Jade

Divine Imperator of Stone, Monarchy, Technicalities, Mirages, and Salvation








Shapeshifting (2 pt)

Devoted Populace

Virtue: Spiritual


Affilition: The Jade Code

  • 1) Reward the wise, the virtuous, and the cunning; punish the depraved, the disrespectful, and the uncivilized.
  • 2) All must be offered hope of redress at the courts.
  • 3) Give no less than your obligation and accept no less than your due.

Ceremonial (He is as much controlled by the laws of the Bureaucracy as they are controlled by him. He doesn’t go back on a ruling, even when it means his own laws hinder him somehow. Also, while in the Chancel, he has a lot of duties to perform)


Surface 3, Serious 3, Deadly 2 (Immortal)

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