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A master of illusions and lies, this Noble seeks to manipulate the human race into its own destruction...



Grayhand, Regal of Deception (aka Whisper-in-the-Ear, the Shade, Him-in-Black, the Deceiver, or Gray [for short/informal])

The gentleman comes across as relatively mild-mannered, perhaps a few quirks in his moderate persona but nothing to really grab anyone's attention for anything but a brief glance. Not too tall, not too short, thin but not gaunt. His pale skin is intensified by the black business suit he wears, pinstriped with red to match the inner vest. It's in impecable condition, without a trace of any imperfections. The eyes of the man are green, with a slight glimmer of some untold secret hidden beneath. It is from under a black fedora, equal in condition to his suit, that these eyes peer out, just below his well-groomed black hair. A boutonnière of several small black flowers is pinned to the fold of his jacket. His namesake, a gray leather glove, covers his right hand. Some image is embroidered into the back of the hand but it is difficult to make out without holding it up close. The smile of this black-clad figure is hypnotic; each tooth seems to narrow down into a dull edge, though not pointed enough to think twice about it. If asked a question by another guest, he tilts his head to the side thoughtfully, flashing a small grin of those teeth, before politefully answering the question. His laugh is friendly and inviting, yet unsettling; the only thing that seems to be remembered in detail by those that encountered the fellow. Casually strolling around the room, weaving in between guests, he is more like a shadow, a mere presence, than anything... human.


Personal Code


  1. Humans should destroy themselves, individually.
  2. Humanity should destroy itself, collectively, except for a few toys.
  3. Ugliness to human eyes shows that one is worthy.

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 0 (Mortal)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
    • 0 Used
  • Domain 5 (Regal)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
    • 0 Used
  • Realm 0 (Citizen)
    • 7 Permanent Miracle Points
    • 0 Used
  • Spirit 0 (Candleflame)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
    • 3 Used


  • Glorious (Aspect, 2 points): Dismissive
    • No mortal really notices or remembers the Regal of Deception, no matter how much he stands out. In effect, this could be called a sort of Anti-Glorious gift.
  • Shapeshifting (Aspect, 2 points): Comprehensive
    • A master of lies must be able to bend himself, as well as the perceptions of those around him. This ability is often employed by Grayhand as a means of transportation, generally as a bird.
  • Unblemished Guise (Spirit, 5 points; Penetration 5)
    • When it comes to hiding from even the most potent of forces, Grayhand is just another face in the crowd.
  • Durant (Aspect, 1 point)
    • Due to his prior 'death', Deception Himself has become somewhat tempered against additional threats against his life. Lies pervade his spirit, unintentionally fooling his body into thinking it's tougher than it really is.


  • Unseen (Realm; +2 RMP)
    • As Deception's Regal, Grayhand is bound by Estate and honor to keep his identity a secret to all but his Familia. Secrecy and lies are so ingrained in his spiritus Dei that the unraveling of these fundamental deceptions with subsequently unravel a bit of his power. He accept this burden as both a duty and a curse, though he has never revealed it; Grayhand still grudgingly remembers how he was forgotten those many years ago.
      • If his identity is revealed; he loses 1 MP. If he reveals it voluntarily, he loses 3 MPs.


  • Suit/Hat/Glove (2/2/2)
    • Grayhand has no possession greater than his formal wear. In fact, aside from these items, he has only a few personal possessions. Most of these are kept in the pockets of his suit. It is a perfect fit for the Regal of Deception.
  • Anonymity among mortals (5)
    • As much a part of his strange honor code as the basic tenet of his Estate, Grayhand spends much of his time covering his tracks and is barely known to exist.
  • Lies and illusions (5)
    • To sow the seeds of deception is a hobby and duty of Deception's Regal. These are his major methods of corrupting the pitiful mortals around him; the fate of his past life has made him very bitter towards his former peers, humanity itself.
  • Family legacy (4)
    • Though he was forgotten, he still keeps tabs on the condition of his family back in California.


Liar: Grayhand's very being is so bound to his Estate that he cannot be forced to act honestly, especially if it's with the intent of revealing or undoing any lies or illusions. The weaving of lies through his spirit enforces this virtue, keeping him from betraying Deception.


Grayhand was born Samuel Daves, and was the middle child in a rather large crime family in California. He himself never handled the dirty work or the actual illegal work; Samuel was a master manipulator, working behind the scenes to control even his father, the head of the organization. For years, he set himself up to be the next owner of the family business. When the time arrived, they were all under his control, bound by his words to do his bidding. But Sam had longstanding rivals among other groups in his city. Upon his takeover, they set-up an assassination to rid themselves of this new threat. Twenty-eight high caliber bullets at a street corner in the dead of night caused the premature end of his reign. As his body careened backwards to the cement and out of the streetlamp's glow, his remains dissolved into the night as quickly as he had been gunned down. The car sped away, its occupants never checking for remains. Samuel awoke, both in mind and existence, seemingly years later, when the world had forgotten about him. Newspaper clippings formed the floor and ceilings of the room he hovered in, held aloft by unseen forces. Each one was from the day after his death, and the next day, and the next day. Front pages, obituaries, anything that would have announced his death was devoid of such information. He checked every page, hundreds of them, again and again, for any trace of his legacy, but it was gone. After each line, the voice spoke, asking the same question, louder and louder, increasing his own pace through the articles at blinding speeds. At last, he threw his hands out and submitted to the voice's question, "Will you serve me?": "Yes". With the pact set, the newspapers enveloped his body, their colors merging to form the eloquent suit, with matching hat, and his signature glove.

He often refers to the force that recreated him as 'the Tailor'. Any reference he makes to his prior life is generally in third person.


'The Gunner' [Hate]: Kyle Smith was the only alias of his killer. Grayhand has managed to track down information about him, though the driver is still unknown to him. He had met Smith on several occasions, even hired him once or twice to take care of a few interferences for cheap. His own hitman had been turned on him, which upset him the most. It was expected for his rivals to assassinate him, something he doesn't hold against them, but not with his own assassin. The traitor will be dealt with in due time, he tells himself.

Design and Flowers

As his design and occasional signature, Grayhand has the simple outline of an eye with an X for its pupil.

As his personal flower, he prefers the black, closed Forget-me-not. A cluster of these form the boutonnière he wears on his jacket. Its flower meaning is true to its name.

For the representation of his Estate, he also honors the flowers of the Venus Flytrap, displaying a black version of these blossoms amongst the Forget-me-not of his boutonnière. They represent Deceit.

Informally, outside the purpose of rites and rituals, his attire is also a symbol.


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