Goruman the Black

From Familia Niveum

Marquis of Domestic Abuse

A man of unmemorable features approaches. He looks much like any other you might expect to see in the area- wherever you are when you meet- save that his hands are terribly bruised. His clothes, too, are normal- sometimes rich, sometimes poor, but never quite memorable. Of his clothing only his boots stand out- heavy, black, always the same, with a single stain on the right tongue- a splash of liquid silver that glows with its own internal light. Inside this facade rages a twisted soul full of sullen anger at everyone who never harmed him.




Misplaced Anger

No power, mortal or immortal, coercion or trickery, can quell the terrible burning rage in his soul, or prevent him from perceiving every possible way to carry it out- or make him turn it on anyone who deserves it.


Goruman the Black was a an ancient sovereign, known for his foul temper and the ill-treatment of the one hundred seventeen women of his harem. There came a day when he led an army to war; he returned, not three days later, a ridiculous failure bereft of almost his entire army. It was only his personal cowardice which prevented him personally from being captured.

A terrible, towering rage filled him, and they say his soul was broken by it- twisted. Unable to exact any revenge upon those who truly deserved his hatred, Goruman called for all the women of his harem to be gathered, and their children. Then, he took his staff of office, and personally beat every one of them. His beatings were so savage that the staff bruised his own hands, and broke his left thumb. Only when he could no longer stand from exhaustion did he stop. Forty seven had died, including all his true wives and his three eldest heirs.

The Discordant, the dark angel who seeks to wipe all tranquility from the universe, saw this act, and knew joy. Never had he witnessed any mortal, uninspired by any higher power, commit such an astonishlingly excessive and personal affront against the harmony of his household. Without a moment's thought, he ripped apart the soul of the man who had long served as the Dominus of Domestic Abuse and sank that precious shard of Imperial power into Goruman.

He served his domain well- though always mindful of his predecessor's ignominious fate, he prevented any one mortal champion from becoming too spectacular. When his demonic master learned of the Excrucian plot against the Regina Nivea, he was one of three powers who answered it by invading Locus Niveum. It was he who personally woke the Lady- by brutally beating her, such that even an ensorceled Imperator could not ignore the pain. It took every ounce of his savagery to shock her from her ancient slumber. In the end, a fierce kick to her head- delivered by thick black boots which were not, then, a permanent part of his appearance- awoke her and marked him forever with the blood of an angel.

She awoke knowing every nuance of every reason why he had done what he had. Her quiet thanks are perhaps his most hated memory.

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