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Marquis of Stealth

Who? Oh... yeah... him.



Personal Code

  1. Do not destroy what you can secret away.
  2. All hiding must end, but only as it serves some greater purpose.
  3. Learn something from every experience.

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 1
    • 5 Aspect Miracle Points
  • Domain 3
    • 6 Domain Miracle Points
  • Realm 1
    • 5 Realm Miracle Points
  • Spirit 2
    • 7 Spirit Miracle Points



(Lesser Divination of Hidden Places, p120 of the GWB)

Francesco is well attuned to the nature of hidden places, and can sense the twisted space that marks such places from several miles away. His ability to see the hidden so easily makes him an excellent spy.


(Lesser Change of the Self, p120 of the GWB)

Francesco can slip undetected between states of being with but a thought. He can step from the Earthly vicinity of a Chancel directly into said Chancel without having to use an 'official' entry point.

Unblemished Guise

(Penetration 3, p122 of the GWB)

Such is his innate stealth, Francesco appears fully human to all (most?) tests unless he is within the Auctoritas of a noble with Spirit 4+.


Light Touch

A limit of Spirit (+1 SMP per level of Spirit, p129 of the GWB)

Francesco cannot directly control his anchors, and cannot work miracles through them without their permission.


A limit of Spirit (+1 SMP if Spirit is over 2, p129 of the GWB)

Francesco's true nature is well concealed. No aura of authority hangs about him, and his inner Spirit doesn't even show in his calm blue eyes.


  • The sanctity of the Domain of Stealth (5)
  • His personal library (4)
  • Lisa, his Anchor (4)
  • His personal code of ethics (4)
  • Richard, his other Anchor (2)
  • Libraries in general (1)


An Italian by birth and a librarian and archivist by training, Francesco simply happened to be in the right place at the right time when the Chancel formed. The essence of Stealth picked out the quiet, unassuming man as most akin to itself. Unlike many others, his Commencement was a quiet, understated thing as the nature of Francesco and the nature of Stealth insinuated themselves painlessly together.


Lisa van den Beerk

An American novelist who Francesco was particularly fond of when he was mortal. He cultivated his affections for her into love, then fed her his tears. She experiences Francesco's presence as hunches and urges, which can be maddening when he needs her to do something complex. If he is able, he sometimes sends her written instructions, but is aware of the danger that these may be traced. At some point in the past, Francesco worked a Destruction of Stealth on Lisa so that whenever she searches for mundane things - her keys, her cellphone, a book on a shelf - she will always find it with a minimum of fuss. This is essentially a constant miracle with Domain level of 0, so while any kind of miraculous action will thwart it, mundane hiding of things will not. Theft will work, but Lisa will know that the item in question is no longer present.

Richard Macivory

A newspaper editor. He cheerfully prints every kind of secret he can uncover with no thought for the consequences for those he is exposing, justifying everything with the mantra 'the truth deserves to be free'. Francesco despises him, both personally and as a living threat to his Estate. After forcing blood down his throat, Francesco used his powers to shroud the memory in Richard's mind. As far as the newspaperman is concerned, he has found a guardian angel who answers his prayers and occasionally drops tasty leads into his lap. As far as Francesco is concerned, he has put a leash on someone who stands diametrically opposed to him and can now use him to harrass his enemies if necessary.

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