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Eva Adakai

Lady Infatuation

An 8 month human gazes with adoration into his sister's eyes and coos her name over and over. At the same time a troubled young man cries silently to himself in a bathtub, distraught over the rejection of a woman whom he believes to be the only one for him. Far away a tiny diety on a chunk of rock floating through deep space watches a sapient species of it's own creation. So enraptured is the diety by it's creation that it fails to notice that their tiny rock is about to collide with a far larger rock. In moment the species is annihilated, and the broken hearted god snuffs from reality in a fit of suicidal despair.

All three stories of share a heart of infatuation, all infatuated hearts are reflections of Eva Adakai's heart.

Personal Code

  1. Emotion is always better than Reason
  2. All things being equal, action is better than inaction

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 0 (Mortal)
    • 6 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Domain 3 (Marchioness)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
    • 3 Used Session 1
  • Realm 2 (Realm's Heart)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Spirit 1 (Hearthfire)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points


Form of Infatuation

Eva Adakai can assume a body of Pure Infatuation, a pink cloud with no physical properties.

((Invoked as a normal miracle, Limited Flexibility, Self Only: Cost 3 points))


The sight of Eva Adakai inspires infatuation amongst all mortals, though not necessarily towards Eva Herself.

((Cost 2 Points))


Dream Logic

A limit of Aspect: +1 AMP

Eva spent most of her conscious existence in a dream, and she expects reality to behave as if it were a dream. As a result, she cannot recognize failures in real world logic. If, for instance, one were to give her a fish and tell her it was a key to a door within prosaic reality, she would quite happily believe this until evidence showed otherwise.


Dream Sight

A restriction of Aspect: +1 AMP when appropriate

Outside of her realm, Eva has difficulty reading small text, it appears as incomprehensible gibberish or stream of thought from her subconscious. Digital displays give her even more trouble. Worse still, she does not understand this handicap, and will gladly relay whatever she believes she read.

Dream Mechanics

A general restriction: +1 GMP when appropriate

Eva has difficulty using electronic gadgets, the more complex they are the more likely they are to fail. Lightswitches are a tossup, cell phones are pushing it, and computers are impossible.

((gm's discretion.))


A general restriction. +3 GMP for a mortal enemy; +2 GMP for a lesser adversary; +1 GMP for anything else inappropriate

Eva is firmly under the sway of her estate, and has no control over whom or what she will be infatuated with, though it tends to be something or someone close(physically or mentally) to her.

((ooc: this is colloquially "Handing the GM a loaded gun"))


Eva's estate controls her, and binds her strongly with infatuation.

The object of her infatuation, currently the innocence of youth:5

Eva's life has been a dream, and the knowledge of this ties her strongly to the dreaming.

Dreams & Dreaming:3

Cause and effect being a law of the universe, all beings are bound to their roots.

The Saint Mary's Hospital coma ward:2

While her infatuation shifts relentlessly, occasionally it is reciprocated, and a bond is formed, so it was with the pseudodragons of pell wood. An ordinary garden in prosaic reality, in the mythic world this small wood is home to a tiny community of pseudodragons. Eva sought them for their venom during a long infatuation with chemistry and quickly grew to adore the creatures catlike behavior and sparkly compound eyes. Pell wood has become a place of comfort for her, and the dragons know her as a bringer of milk and shiny baubles.

Pell wood:1

It's pseudodragons:2



Eva Adakai was born into a middle class family of little importance and modest means. Her life was mundane, her only talent was a slightly above average emotional intelligence and a knack for comforting her fellow man. She became a therapist, and Her life would likely have been unremarkable had she not fallen for the wrong person.

After some 50 years together her love was ennobled to an estate of a peculiar sort of emotion that has since been erased from existence, for her love was not a strong or clever creature, and was quickly unmade by the Excrutians.

This left eva's mind shattered and disconnected, as the vast majority of her life, her love, her memory had simply vanished in an instant. She was left with a lifelong love with no outlet, a longing for something that didn't exist. To the outside world she appeared comatose, though EEG revealed her mind to be trapped in something not unlike dreamsleep.

Within her mind she was living in a vast constructed reality. She would create a comprehensive life built around a single pursuit, a single passion, and finding it did not fill the hole in her heart, she would discard it and start anew. With each iteration her dreamworlds became less connected to reality, more emotional and schizophrenic.

Though she spent only ten years dreaming, in her mind a thousand lifetimes had passed. Before her death her mind had distilled her realities into a pure realm of infatuation.

Her ascension was not by choice, but by default. The infatuation within her had grown to a point where it had come to dwarf the combined emotional strength of all other infatuation in the world. On her 81st birthday the orderly entered her room to find her vanished without a trace.

From that point forward, he would be blindly, autistically infatuated with missing persons.


Katherine Shapiro

Drifting away from the hospital where she had lain for 10 years of her life Eva gradually became aware of the world around her. Her first sensation was the unfamiliar feeling of the wind blowing through her. A memory of smelling lavender on the wind stirred from the depth of her mind and her nose and lungs began to coalesce. The smells of car exhaust and cooking food stirred more memories. She soon had eyes with which to get her bearings. The sight of the ground makes her remember that she should be standing on it, and suddenly Eva has body again, and now she is falling (for it had not occured to her that eight feet above the ground is an relatively poor place to have a body). Her fall is broken by a soft body and the gentle sound of two people losing their breath. Eva has fallen on a person, and before either of them have a chance to catch their breath and say anything their eyes have met, and they come to the simultaneous realization that they want nothing more in the world than to never stop staring into each other's eyes

Katherine Shapiro was the first person Eva laid eyes on after she ascended. Katherine is a fifteen-year-old prostitute with a bad triazolam habit and a penchant for random acts of vandalism and minor arson. Their relationship worked well for a solid month. Katherine loves the mayhem that Eva's presense unintentionally inflicts on the world, and is fascinated by the reality that Eva reveals to her. Eva finds Katherine's worldliness grounding and her strong maternal instinct seeks to guide Katherine to a more fulfilling life. At least, she sought to lead katherine to a more fulfilling life until katherine set a trashcan on fire in the middle of one of their dates and Eva realized that fire must be the most beautiful thing in the world.

Katherine is still infatuated with Eva, though Eva has since passed through many infatuations and rarely thinks of Katherine. Though Katherine adores Eva, she is still strongly resentful of her for leaving her for "fire", and would like revenge.

things that are not stats, but may one day become them

So, there are some things that are not completely explained by history, and are kind of statish, relating to bonds, limitations and such, but do not have numbers associated with them...

Eva does not have a firm grip on reality. She has difficulty distinguishing her chancel from the world, and the world from her mind.

I want her to be as much a slave to her estate as it is to her. Her infatuations drive her, and I want them to change rapidly, almost randomly, and I want her to be easily manipulated through her infatuations.

Since infatuation is a really broad estate and has a tendency to form strong bonds I'd like to possibly assign some more bonds (which, if I am not mistaken, are weaknesses) than the standard game, but this is to be discussed in da forumz.

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