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Maerok was bored, so there. :D A 30-point character just for practice and to work out a concept I had in my mind.



Cassus, Sunfire of Mirrors

This Mirror Man, as he has rightly been called, is an astounding sight. Crafted from pure mirror, the 'living' reflection gives off a sense of unease; he seems hollow, failing to exude that sense of purpose a normal creature would, especially after becoming enNobled. Left to his own devices, he is a rather static figure. It is only around the company of others with their own amazing abilities that he is truly defined. Even as you watch, the edges of his angular form begin to carry out a human-like form, one just like yours. Soon enough, he has duplicated your image and with a feeling in the pit of your stomach, you sense the presence of a spirit just like yours not to far away.

Personal Code


  1. Freedom is the Highest Principle
  2. Sanity and Mundanity are Prisons
  3. Give in Kind With a Gift Received

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 0 (Mortal)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
    • 0 Used
  • Domain 0 (Pawn)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
    • 0 Used
  • Realm 0 (Citizen)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
    • 0 Used
  • Spirit 3 (Sunfire)
    • 9 Permanent Miracle Points
    • 0 Used


  • Advanced Shattering Mirror (13 points; Penetration up to 5): Store and unleash a copied Domain miracle for 0 MP.
    • Having little power over his own Estate, by virtue of its empty nature, Cassus has the ability to mirror the abilities of others. After witnessing a Power wield a miracle, he can duplicate it once and may maintain any Penetration value within it up to the noted limitation (5).
  • Shape-shifting (2 points): Comprehensive
    • Cassus is a living mirror in natural form, though the actual type of material he chooses to emulate varies between a body of solid angular mirrors and one of reflective liquid metal. In either case, his polished surfaces are perfectly devoid of any flaws. When reflecting another, Cassus's entire form will change to emulate the other.
  • Immutable (1 point): Does not eat, sleep, breath, or age.
    • As a 'living' inanimate object, his only connection to the living is that he moves and thinks.
  • Emulate (2 point)
    • Lesser Change of Identity (6); Simple (-1); Self (-3); One trick (-3); Not Common +1; Penetration 2
    • With a thought, Cassus can disguise himself as another Power instead of as a human when used in combination with his Shape-shifting. He exudes the sense that he really is the intended Power, as long as he has entered that Power's Auctoritas (allowing him to witness their spiritus Dei to copy it). This rouse holds up until Cassus enters an Auctoritas capable of denying the effect (as per Penetration).
  • Instant Reflexes (3 points)
    • Aspect (Fabled) (9); Simple (-1); Self (-3); One trick (-3); Not Common (+1)
    • When it comes to quick movements, the Mirror Man is amazingly fast, instantaneous one might say. In fact, he is as fast as the light he reflects, and perhaps then some. He employs this ability to duplicate the movements of anyone he comes across in order to confuse or further emulate them. Simon Says is no fun with Cassus.



  • Uninspiring (+1 SMP): Cassus is a being of potential power, not actual power; thus he fails to awe those around him by his sheer presence, however strange a 'living' mirror is.
  • Light Touch (+3 SMP): The Mirror Man has little control over his Anchors as his Spirit is inherently focused on reflecting oncoming miracles rather than giving him power over those he has made into followers.


  • No reflection (+1 MP when appropriate)
    • To avoid an infinite loop with unknown consequences, Cassus does not have a reflection.




When the Chancel was originally incorporated, the border ran through a funhouse towards the edge of the original city. As spectators looked on, the line was drawn through the shifting mirror and a few of the people. In that instant, human, reflection, and the mirror itself were drawn into one thing: Cassus, the enNobled reflection. Defined only by those around him, Cassus is anguished by his hollow existence and wanders the Chancel in service to his Imperator as he seeks the True Purpose to fill the void within him. Though he reflects the world, Cassus has become a nihilist, a deep philosophy aggrandized even more so by his unique condition; this amplifies a naturally cold and calculating persona.


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