Captain Astounding

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Captain Astounding

Captain Astounding, the Celestial of Heroism

Sticking out like a sore thumb, this outspoken and dashing man wears a red and green costume bearing the initials 'CA' across his chest. The colors of this strange sight are weird, unnatural, as if he were a three-dimensional drawing. This man bears a striking resemblance to the comic book hero, Captain Astounding.

Personal Code

Code of the Light

  1. First Point
  2. Second Point
  3. Third Point

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 4 (Celestial) [12 points]
    • 9 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Domain 0 (Pawn)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Realm 0 (Candleflame)
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Spirit 3 (Sunfire) [9 points]
    • 8 Permanent Miracle Points


Immortal [6 points]

  • The Captain is nigh impossible to destroy, though the power of his determination and heroics.



Focus (+4 AMP)

  • Brought to life and Creation through his own comic book, the Captain keeps the very copy he emerged from as one of the sources of his power. This comic book is blank, so long as he remains in Creation; if he were every to die, his spiritus Dei would devolve back into the ink of the book. Contains Immortal [6 pts], one level of Aspect [3 pts], and one level of Spirit [3 pts].

Light Touch (+3 SMP)

  • Captain Astounding generally doesn't like his Anchors to do anything they wouldn't want to. Altruism is one of his highest values, and he is against forcing them into doing something risky, mostly through guilt.


Respect: The Innocence (+1 MP, when appropriate)

  • Captain Astounding will not allow an innocent mortal to come to harm, even if it proves to be an inconvenience. He will try, even if in vain, to save as many as possible.


Honor: Nothing can make Captain Astounding fight an unworthy fight or commit any heinous act that violates chivalry and honor. His duty to Heroics binds his very being against any act that he would otherwise regret.


  • 5 - His boundless confidence in himself.
  • 4 - Doing his best to prevent the worst.
  • 3 - The integrity of heroes and role-models.
  • 3 - The continuation of his comic book.
  • 3 - The general safety of his Chancel.
  • 2 - The admiration of his fans.



Brave Boy (Love)

Captain Astounding's sidekick, Brave Boy is his partner in the fight for justice and truth. The original Brave Boy was liberated from the book as well through the same process that enNobled Captain Astounding, but without any additional powers outside his faith, his agility, and determination.

Professor von Destrukt (Hate)

The eternal nemesis of Captain Astounding, he was made an Anchor to the superhero in order to keep a tab on the villain since he was released through the comic as well. The Captain has been trying to turn the fiend to the side of good, and occasionally calls on him for technological assistance.



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