Avery Weir

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Location's Regal

Thrust unwillingly into a reality he never made, then out the other side, this ex-student is everywhere you want to be.


Code of the Wild

  1. Freedom is the highest principle.
  2. Sanity and mundanity are prisons.
  3. Give in kind with a gift received.

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 0
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Domain 5
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points + 1 Limit Miracle Point
  • Realm 0
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Spirit 1
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points


Omnipresence: 9pt Gift of Domain

Avery does not have a body in the usual sense, as his essence is spread evenly throughout Creation. Instead, he manifests himself in a particular place by focusing his attention there, and will remain there as if real until his attention wanders somewhere else. When his attention is not focused anywhere, he has no body at all.


Deep Sleep

A limit of Domain (+1DMP) [Granted]

The lingering effects of the Excrucian plot against the Regina Nivea remain. All her nobles sleep deeply. During his normal hours of sleep, Avery will awaken and manifest for no sensation less than great pain. This makes guarding his estate a more difficult task.



There is a particular melodic phrase that Avery half-remembers, whether from childhood or from some former existence. Playing or signing this phrase, in conjunction with sumoning magics, will unfailingly catch his attention as long as it is not simply a repetition of a previous summoning.


While he is still aware and perfectly able to function, the traumatic nature of Avery's ennoblement was technically fatal. While his lack of a permanent form is less of a problem for Location than it might be for other dead Nobles, there are occasions when his posthumous state can be problematic.


  • Laura, a childhood friend now Anchored to another Power (4)
  • The integity of Reality (4)
  • Realtors (3)
  • His sword, a heavily notched wakazashi with no name (3)
  • The pain he inflicts on his Anchor Nicole by his use of her (3)
  • The Dormitory building where he made his first adult friends and spent his last months as a human being (3)


Avery Weir was born Avery Jacobs, in the suburbs of Cincinnati, OH. As the upper-middle class son of working-class parents, his worldview was significantly more 'practical' than that of the other students at his private schools. As a result, he grew up with a general contempt for authority, and a certain disdain for humanity as a whole, though not an outright hatred.

Such hatred as he had in his heart was reserved for the constant streams of odd coincidences which filled his young life, and the acompanying feeling that not only was this deliberate on the part of the universe, but that everyone around him was in on the joke. Unfortunately for him, this sentiment was only partially unmerited. One of the families in his quiet suburb was just as withdrawn as he himself was, and just as insightful. Both of these things were immensely attractive to his mental makeup, despite being carefully designed to drive most if not all people away. The eldest daughter, Laura, became one of his few close friends, though she was often harrangued for it.

Laura's family kept apart from the rest of the people in the suburb because the family were the hereditary servants of a Family (Note to HG: Make appropriate selection). During the first few months of their clandestine friendship, Avery dismissed Laura's fanciful stories of uncles and cousins with strange powers and the disturbing tendency to have 'secret missions' happen to them with alarming regularity. As his prolonged proximity to so multiple Anchors continued, however, he could not ignore the number of strange things which had begun to happen to him, rather than to Laura's family. Despite not being an Anchor himself, Fate had begun to weave around him in mildly dangerous ways, though he was without a Noble to shield him from the effects of Fate attracted. He grew more and more angry over the years at his supernaturally bad luck, until, catalysed by typical teen angst, that anger flowered into a full-blown hatred of whatever was the cause of his permanent misfortune.

During this time Laura was made an Anchor. The sudden shift in his once closest friend's attitude, from solicitous sympathy and wide-eyed wonder to cagey aloofness and subtle arrogance drove a rift between the two in a matter of weeks, and was one of the reasons he elected to travel for college. In all likelyhood, that decision prevented him from being snapped up as an Anchor himself, as his well-stoked hatred lacked only a focus to come into its own.

Shortly after settling into his new dorm room, he [Note: This section omitted, and will need to be filled in with the details of the Family's enChancelment]. Suddenly filled with a blazing shard of Other, he remembered one of Laura's favorite pieces of advice from the salad days of their friendship, "If it happens to you, grab hold with both hands and make it yours, or it will kill you super-dead." This he did, and with drastic results. Understanding little of the variety of vistas opening themselves up before him, he was manly mindful of the short time he had in which to act, and the need to survive. With this in mind, he reached into the blazing shard and, utterly ignoring its advice, reached for raw power above all else.

As he reached, taking in as much of his new Imperator's power as he could manage to master, he found he could not contain all that was available as he was. By expanding, however, he could contain more. Unmindful of the consequences, he kept on expanding and consuming unil he had taken in nearly all of his new Estate. On the one hand, the whole Tree was now in his head, the location of every last grain of sand neatly catalogued and available to him. On the other hand, he had spread himself so thin that he no longer had a particular location of his own, instead being spread more or less evenly throughout all of existence. Despite this diffusion, he found that by focusing his attention on a patricular place he culd 'be' in that place as if he still had a real body.

Much to his chagrin, enNoblement has changed his personality as well. Where once he was narrowly focused and hate-filled, he is rapidly becoming both more even-handed in his outlook, and much more scatterbrained, his mental focus shifting from one target to another at lightning speed.


Avery would have Anchored Laura if he could, but cannot. At this time, he has 1/2 Anchors.

Nicole Weiss (Hate)


Nicole Weiss stands about 5'6", with curly blond hair, a moderately deep tan, and a permanent, haunted smile. She is an engineering student with an easy laugh and a carefully concealed submissive personality. She will play many things off as humor if she can, but when faced with an overt request, she can hardly ever refuse. The circumstances of her Anchoring have not helped this.


Nicole and Avery attended the same high school as Avery for a single year, his Senior and her Freshman years. To say that the two had a relationship during that year would be somewhat of a stretch, but the experience left a mark on Avery's mind. It was during this time that his supernaturally 'bad' luck was beginning to transition from annoying to dangerous. The two were friendly, but his luck turned their one attempt at a date into a horror show of comic proportions. After this, she wanted less and less to do with him, while he decided that future dating would have to take a back seat to finding the source of his larger problems.

When Avery's childhood friend Laura was Anchored late in the year, the bits and pieces he learned from her before their friendship ended gave him some hope that he could escape his horrid luck; but when he took the news to Nicole, she reacted with a mix of indifference and sadness. In her mind, the window for something to happen between them had closed. In his mind, she was willfully misunderstanding him and his offer. This thought was wrapped up with all the other pains and misfortunes in his life, feeding his growing, if unfocused, hatred.

In the period immediately after his Commencement, Avery was overwhelmed both by his new situation, and by the newly raging intensity of his passions. During this period, Avery paid Nicole a late-night visit, manifesting in her room on a night when she was alone. He had thought that a simple demostration of his newly exalted state would dispel all her doubts and make her his. Of course, she reacted with the same fear any mortal woman would, when faced with the sudden appearance of an ex and simultaneously faces with blatant miracles. Her reaction fanned his barely-banked hatred into blazing life. Giving free rein to his frustrations, he forced himself on her in multiple ways. Hours later, she would cry herself to sleep, the taste of blood in her mouth and a tiny, hate-filled voice whispering in the back of her head.

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