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Baronet of Clones

A.D.A.M. (Author Defined Autonomous Man)

Adam carries the poise and self-assuredness of the high breeding inherited from his progenitor, Fredrick Dunhelm. Far from the nervous, frail and uncertain versions that preceded him, Adam is grounded, genial, and forthright.


Personal Code

Code of the Light


On a bifurcated background, negre a gauche, blanche a droit, two identical Perfect Dandelions, a floating seed in each quadrant.

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 2
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Domain 1
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Realm -
    • - Permanent Miracle Points
  • Spirit 4
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points


Unblemished Guise

Each Gift


Limits are handicaps under which the Noble operates; but in adversity there is power, and limits grant extra miracle points.

Each Limit

A limit of (Attribute) ( +X MP )

Describe the Limit.


Restrictions are much like limits, but less universally problematic; they grant extra miracle points only when they become a major problem.

Each Restriction

A restriction of (Attribute) (+X MP when appropriate)

Describe the Restriction.


  • A bond: X
  • Another bond: X
  • A third bond: X
  • Etc...

Sample Miracles

Estate Correspondences




Name of Each Anchor

Description of the anchor

Notable friends and Enemies

Goals and Motivations

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