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End of the World (or EotW for short) is an alternate universe roleplaying game based upon both CLAMP's manga/anime X(/1999) & Tite Kubo's Bleach
It is roleplayed on Greatestjournal & Insanejournal at End of the World & End of the World; Redux

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[edit] Redux

Profile Banner for EotW; Redux
Profile Banner for EotW; Redux v2
The year is 2002, in the two years since the Promised Day in 1999, Tokyo has been slowly recovering from the quakes and flooding which destroyed a good portion of the city that rested so close to the edge of the island. However, this idealic lull is about to be broken by an overdue return of another threat, Aizen Sousuke has plans to use the recovering city of Tokyo--including all of Karakura--for reasons currently unknown to the residents. Thankfully there are a few obstacles in his path, the main one being the shinigami of Soul Society. Now a second storm of war builds upon the horizon, and this time both the earth and the people of Tokyo are in danger.

The above is the introduction to the sequel to EotW, known as End of the World; Redux. The gameplay was moved to Insanejournal for this incarnation of EotW due to conflict of issues with Greatestjournal. It was created on September 8, of 2007 but as of currently has yet to begin. The largest difference between the two games beyond the passage of time and the changes in the terrain (ie: The flooding of a sizable portion of Tokyo) is that the central plot no longer revolves around X1999 as the first incarnation of EotW did, instead Redux's central plot is built instead around Bleach.

[edit] Information

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