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"...When will I join digibutter, you ask?

...Not today, that's for sure..."' ~ShadowLink


-ShadowLink has good spelling and grammar.

-ShadowLink will be a good member of the digibutter community.

-For not being a member, ShadowLink knows a lot about digibutter.

-ShadowLink will destroy you if you create a digibutter account using his name.

EPIC quotes from my band teacher

  • To the flutes section: "Tomorrow, I want you to look through your backpacks and lockers, and try to find your ability to count."
  • "How do you tell if a trombone player is on the playground? He doesn't know how to use a slide."
  • A story he told: "I know a guy whose job it is to decide if kids get expelled from their school. So here is his first case: 'Kid A is walking home from school. Kid B runs up and pours lighter fluid over Kid A's backpack. Kid C takes a match and ignites the backpack.' They lit the kid on fire!"
  • "How do you tell if a tuba player is at your door? The knock slows down."
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