Spam Wars

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1st War

When SpammerGuy joined, he spammed, people got mad.

The sides

SpammerGuy vs. ShadowLink

End of 1st war

SpammerGuy left, saying if anyone touched his page he'd be back, spamming and flaming once more.

2nd War

5 minutes Later, MALAK foolishly messed with SpammerGuy's pages.

During that period, SpammerGuy attacked anybody.

Extra Info

Me, Alexio, was SpammerGuy's only member. How sad. =[

end of 2nd War

SpammerGuy's surrender letter:


This is a notice of my condtional surrender.

Here are my terms:

  • My pages are left untouched.
  • The SpammerGuy sucks page is deleted

I have served my purpose. I joined thinking this wiki needed help. So, I spammed and flamed to unite digibutterwiki against me. Many members defended the wiki. Now, with the Anti-Spammers' Guild well-established and everybody disliking spammers, I did what I came for.

When I find another wiki in need, I will post it on the SpammerGuy’s HQ page.

Hoping the wiki won’t need any more help, --SpammerGuy 20:05, 16 January 2008 (EST)

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