Metroid Invasion

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On Monday, August 27, soon after Tippi was replaced by a Metroid by Francis to Celebrate the release of Metroid Prime 3, some of the Members of Digibutter started adding a Metroid to their Avatars. Shortly after, a Metroid appeared on Everyone's Avatars. Thus starting the Metroid Invasion. This lasted till the end of the day, however, very little members (Fireice) kept the same Metroid Avatar. Strangely, the Member MALAK's Metroid was friendly, and ended up being his pet, called Metroidy. Nobody knows if Francis is planning to bring them back someday. But one things for sure: It was a day to remember.

Not everyone added a metroid. Lord Bob sure didn't. And neither did Black Twilight. One tried to eat Wacko McGoose, but a quick rental of the Omnitrix from the Smash Dojo shop fixed that.

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