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"...well, this sucks. " - Twi.


How he came to Digibutter

Black Twilight was searching Google for ".nerr", just to find a video, made by a youtube member now know as fiercelinkmaster*INSERT THOSE LAST TWO DIGITS IN HIS USERNAME*, and found Digibutter. He goes there almost every day.

Contribution to the forums

Black Twilight made it so it isn't necroposting when you post in a old sticked topic. This change was made when Chaos Dimentio was still new, and not a mod, and he said that it lifted his fear of stickied topics.

Not so well known stuff

Black Twilight prefers to be called Twi. Twi's a HUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEE tech geek IRL. I fact, as of writing, he's editing this sentence in with two books about Google on the same desk as the computer monitor. His favorite alt character is "Flan".

Stuff he hates

N00bs, those who call him a n00b, and those who spam a lot, Which included SpammerGuy.


Shy, but like to do stuff, so um, yeah.


Normal, using random avis with no importance.

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