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Goomba is one of the first few members of Digibutter, and now a Moderator. He started on the 21st of April 2007, and is number 53. He considers himself to be one of the original 50 because he was so close to 50. He often has a mellow attitude, but is very hyper and crazy in reality. Most of that is portrayed in his earlier posts. Though he seemed to have disappeared, he returned swiftly on the 2nd of November. He often thinks that he says the wrong things at the wrong time.
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How did he become mod?

Monday, January 21st, 2008 at 9:49 pm Francis had released his very first Digibutter podcast, complete with shorts from Popple and O'Chunks, as well as Digibutter news. Francis then announced to help fight spam, he would elect a new mod. Goomba's heart raced. Francis started a drum roll. Goomba became locked up, purely listening. Then it was said: "Goomba". Goomba's hands began to shake, he was in awe. His eyes watered a tad and he sat there, for a minute or so, the words echoing through his head. His dream had come true.

Who is he?

Goomba is actually Brentron. Brentron is a cybernetic doppelganger of himself. Brentron can be found on Newgrounds, and his own site: Brentron Industries. Brentron is currently making a game in flash. This is his first time using the screen name Goomba.

What does he like to do?

Goomba likes to make flashes and visit Digibutter. He is working on his game pretty much 24/7. But he tends to not do much, if anything.

His Flashes?

Goomba makes flashes, or animated movies. So far he has released only 3 "real" movies. Spongeman, and Mario and Luigi 3: Corruption 1 and 2. He has had many characters, since his fourth grade.

His Goals?

Goomba was one a Administrator for a small forum, but it eventually died, he lost a desire to forum for nearly a year. Until he saw a link to Digibutter. He still vies for the power he had being an administrator, but does not want to be an administrator, not with the ever-growing forum. He also wants to leave a mark on everyone, make them remember him in some way, whether it be quoting him, or acknowledging his existence.

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