Monday 20th February 2006

From Deal Or No Deal

Fin during his appearance on the "1 vs 100" quiz show.

Finlay McLoughlin, a.k.a. "Fin", played on Monday 20th February 2006


[edit] Information on Player

In addition to "Deal or No Deal", Fin has also appeared on the BBC Saturday night lottery quiz show "1 vs 100", in which he won £55,875. Along with former contestant John Gilbert, who played in the previous show on Saturday 18th February 2006, Fin made a special appearance to sit in the auudience during contestant Lucy Harrington's game on Thursday 30th March 2006 on the occasion of her fiftieth show. Fin had a system. It was somewhat odd to say the least, and involved him closing his eyes, emptying his mind of thoughts and allowing a box number to enter his mind. At first it worked well enough to achieve a high round four offer of £44,000, but his game went downhill from there and Fin ended up going home with £10,000.

[edit] First Round & Offer

[edit] Second Round & Offer

[edit] Third Round & Offer

[edit] Fourth Round & Offer

[edit] Fifth Round & Offer

[edit] Sixth Round & Offer

[edit] Final Statistics

Fin takes home =

Lowest Offer =

Highest Offer =

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