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[edit] What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are a new form of media which is distributed via the internet. A common misconception of a podcast is the thought that it is only for an iPod. However podcasts can be played on any form of device as long as it can play mp3s. For more information of podcasts and podcasting please refer to this link ["Wikipedia Podcasting Article"]

[edit] Deal or no Deal Podcasts

Currently there are only two known Deal or no Deal related podcasts.

[edit] DONDcast

The DONDcast is hosted by former Deal or no Deal contestant Dave who was on show 56.

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[edit] Inside the Boxes

The Inside the Boxes podcast is a podcast hosted by [[1]]forum member Psichonico. To date there have only been 4 episodes and it is unknown as to wether there will be another episode.

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