Deal or no Deal Parodies

From Deal Or No Deal

[edit] Deal or No Deal Fan Fiction

Published Deal or No Deal fan fiction and parodies are comparatively rare. Mental Mickey, the self-proclaimed president for life of the Lucy "50 Shows" Harrington fan club has so far published just one short story on his website, a Doctor Who / Deal or No Deal crossover story. This is maintained on his Lucy Web Page [1].

[edit] Fan-made Deal or No Deal videos

Most fan-made Deal or No Deal videos can be found on YouTube.

[edit] Dead Ringers

One of the most well known parodies for Deal or no Deal are the ones done by John Culshaw. Dead Ringers, which is a program on the BBC, in the most recent series featured parodies of Deal or no Deal. One of the best out of the parodies was where Anne Robinson appeared on the set when Mr. Blobby appeared at the end.

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