A Guide to editing Wikis

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This guide to wiki intends to teach you the basics of writing an entry with a wiki.


[edit] Introduction

One of the most common mis-conceptions of editing a wiki, is the fact that people think they need to have an account to edit the information. The great thing about wiki's are that anyone can change the information to improve it and they don't need an account. This is a great idea because a little error can be fixed instantly. However it also is a big risk as vandalism may happen or biased opinions. Although they are uncommon and changes can usually be reverted.

[edit] The Basics

The first thing you must do before editing the wiki entry is to press the 'Edit' link. If there is no 'Edit' link then it means that the entry is protected and cannot be edited by anyone. Now find the section you want to edit and change that entry to what you want. Then look for a Save Page button (just below the writing area) and there you go, you just entered your first wiki change :) Simple wasn't it?

[edit] Bolds and Italics

OK, the first part was easy and the next part is even easier. If you want to emphasize a certain part of writing with say BOLD writing or Italic writing then heres two ways you can do it.

One way is to highlight the writing you want and press the "B" or "I" button at the top (just like a word processor).

Another way to do it is to do the actual code that a wiki uses to make the writing the way it is.

Italic writing will be like this ''Italic Writing''

And will show up like this Italic Writing

[edit] Sandbox

This is a little play area for you to try things out that you have learned here.

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