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Ou Pram Street, back to Don Bosco Technical School
Group 13, Mondol 5, Sangkat 4 Khan Mittapheap
H/P 012 919 834 Tel:/ Fax: 855 034 320 203
Don Bosco Hotel School is not a lucrative project but an educational and social program for Cambodian
youth development, so this site
A Hotel and a School for the formation of Cambodian youth. Being a guest you contribute to support a young Cambodian in his/her studies.
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US$ 1 in: Khmer Riel = 4060 (buying), 4065 (selling) / Thai Baht = 35.000
Read News from Cambodia Everyday / Weather March 31 - 32���°C

Don Bosco Sihanoukville Webmaster Sihanoukville, Cambodia, 2007
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