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Did you know...
  • That this page wont be updated until later when the games have been designed?
  • Here's one for you, that the Dark Side picture in the logo is really his clone from Dark Eval 4?
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Pictured is a stolen image. The Dark Dungeon logo is hidden away. Not in a dungeon but on a dead computer. Dark Dungeon is a team who work on flash to create games. Originally there were 13 games but they all managed to get deleted, but the first 6 survived. However they were scaled down to their smaller designs and incomplete. 1 Kid, an old design was awesome, all levels designed and the idea was cool. Many ideas were scrapped and 2 were left. Beaver Boxing and Crazy Football have survived to now because of their awesomeness. But I can't just scrap everything I've done. So Dark Eval was designed. And my hand just started to write, with help from the rest of Dark Eval, 10 more games were designed. And even more spin offs were set. The admin, proper creator, Jonathan Bedford, also known as The Lion, owner of , he does over half the work. If enough money was funded then Dark Eval can become a PS3 game.

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