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This is the official CTHS wiki, currently home to 182 articles, and made specifically to fill in the gaps of the CTHS Transformers alternate universe.

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The setting of this AU is a pre-war (and predominantly G1) Cybertron, where actions, not factions, determine friendships and rivalries. The story is mostly told through the eyes of a young Skyfire as he enters his senior year at CTHS, watching as his friendship with a certain tetrajet slowly deteriorates.

But of course the shuttle has to deal with everyone else on the hard road to college (and freedom). Though these interactions may lead to trouble or some other misadventure, Skyfire might learn that not everyone at a public school is as bad as he likes to think.

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Flintlock, more commonly known as Flint, is a mech built for adventure if there ever was one. Exuberant, diplomatic, fearless, and an all-around likable guy, Flint has far more friends than he does enemies. He decided long ago that spending his life stuck on Cybertron would be the bane of his existence. Now he spends his time traveling from planetary system to planetary system as an archaeologist, making all sorts of discoveries on behalf of his metallic home-world. However, despite his wanderlust, Flint's top priority has always been his son, Hound. He strives to be the absolute best father he can be, though he would never admit how difficult it is to do so from half a galaxy away.

I'm a lover, not a fighter. But I'm a fighter too, so don't get any ideas.


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