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This page is the "channel wiki" for the IRC channel ##crypto on It has the same purpose as a FAQ. Here we can collect links to relevant things like beginner introductions and other things.

[edit] Web links

[edit] Wikipedia

Wikipedia has more than 1000 articles on cryptography, many of them really good. Here are some examples:

[edit] Email and Usenet lists

  • sci.crypt - The by now almost mythical and still very active Usenet list. Readable among others through the Google groups interface.

[edit] Books

  • Handbook of Applied Cryptography - One of the better crypto books available. And you can download it for free (legally) as pdf-files from their web site. Note that there are several different books called "Applied Cryptography".
  • Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier. The other good one with the same name.

[edit] Notable Publications


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