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Croydon Birders Photos: To submit photos to this page please email them to the names on the main page with some background information such as where taken and when.

UPDATE - 12 September 2011

All new photographs provided by local birdwatchers will now be hosted on the RSPC Croydon Local Groups flickr website -

WoodDuck2.jpg SparrowhawkMN.jpg MallardTree.jpg

  • Wood Duck and Mallard on nest by John Watson and Sparrowhawk by Mike Netherwood photographed on 2 December 2010 in Pollards Hill South.

WoodDuckSNL2010.jpg DunlinSNL2010.jpg EmperorGooseSNL2010.jpg

  • Wood Duck - 25/08, Dunlin - 16/10 and Emperor Goose - 03/03 all photographed by John Watson at South Norwood Lake during 2010.


Bitt1.jpg Bitt2.jpg Bitt3.jpg

  • Bittern in a Sanderstead garden - Photos taken by John Stevens on 10 January 2009.

SparrowhawkA.jpg SparrowhawkB.jpg SparrowhawkC.jpg

  • Three views of a Sparrowhawk taken in a Purley garden - Photos taken by Gill Flinn on 24 October 2007.


  • An unidentifed duck at Waddon Ponds on Oct 28th 2009. Photo by Ernie Thomason.


  • An unidentifed duck at South Norwood Lake in Jan 1988. Photo by John Birkett.


  • A Fieldfare attracted by apple put out for the blackbirds on the frozen bird bath - Photo by Ann Nussey - 3 February 2009.


  • A Blackbird feasting on the apple store in a Sanderstead garden on February 2nd 2009.


  • There's no place like home! A Blue Tit sets up home in a Waddon garden - Spring 2008.

CollaredDoves.jpg SongThrush.jpg

  • A pair of Collard Doves and a Mistle Thrush - More photos from a Waddon garden taken in June 2008.
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