Zombie Castle

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You are Marina, a twenty-year-old woman who has moved to Los Angeles in hopes of making it big as an actress. You've landed a few small parts in a few B-movies, but nothing big so far. In a twist of supreme irony, you had just finished shooting a zombie horror film when the real-life zombie apocalypse happened..

In this terrifying new world, you will find sanctuary in a castle-like mansion. But no place is safe forever, and danger can come from the most unexpected places...

A few introductory notes. First of all, being an actress who has done several action roles, Marina is well-trained with weapons (firearms, archery, swords, etc.), much more so than an ordinary woman (or an ordinary man, for that matter). If she wasn't, this story (and she) just wouldn't last very long.

Second, although this is not one of those use-a-female-character-as-a-vehicle-for-various-sexual-situations stories, there will still be the occasional screw. Zombie apocalypse or not, Marina still has sexual needs and, well, people can be idiots, especially during dangerous times. She is bisexual and will fulfill them with either men or women.

Will Marina have what it takes to survive? There's only one way to find out...

Health 100 Equipment:

All the things in your apartment

MP #
Level #
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