Zombie Apocalypse: Reverse Harem?!

From Create Your Own Story

Today was not the day to be home alone as you soon find out. The afternoon lights flicker mercilessly in the eerie silence of your two story house, the TV has stopped working a couple hours ago. Your bedroom is on the second floor and that's where you sit, trying to ignore the bi-polar energy flittering around you by blaring music through your phone and reading Nightshade. However, you haven't been reading long when a monstrous knock sounds on your front door, even with the blare of your headphones, you can hear it; and your gut says that that is not a good sign. The sound was not of knuckles on wood, but a body slamming itself into wood. The sound sent shivers down your spine, setting you on edge.

You close the book and get up from your bed, sliding the headphones down around your neck and tucking your electronic device in the pocket of your army pants. Slowly you climb down the narrow stairs to go to the front door and pear into the spy-hole. At first, the only thing you can make out is your front porch fish-eyed in the strange way the spy-hole has it, but then it comes into a view. Probably a person at one point, but is not a monster, contorted with twisted limbs, a half-caved in head, and ghastly grey skin that could only belong to the undead.

From the news reports and articles you have read, you know this is a victim of what the media has deemed "The Zombie Virus", an illness that physically changes the body and makes the brain crave only one thing; to spread the infection. Most victims of the virus didn't live up to this point at the beginning, but as viruses do, they mutated and changed so that only a single vicious bite or exchange of bodily fluids would cause it to spread.

This zombie looks like it had been changed for a while, its hair had thinned to almost nothing and its clothes were torn and scratched like it had been hit a few times with a Hummer and then back handed with a sludge-hammer just to be sure. Even from behind the door, you can smell its rotting stench rolling in like vial waves of nausea and decay.

The zombie steps back and rams its body against the door, confirming that that's how it was making the banging sounds. It was using its body -- as if it knew you were in there. Your heart beats a little faster and you step back from the door as it hits it again. What do you do?

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