Your body is now covered in smooth scales, like that of a dragon.

From Create Your Own Story

You slowly sit up and run a scaly hand down your chest, now covered in smooth scales the size of a quarter that shimmer iridescently in the sunlight, changing color from green to blue to purple. You have sharp black claws on each hand and a long tail that stretches out across the ground behind you, and a pair of small wings that flutter restlessly in the middle of your back. You raise a hand to your face, feeling your long snout. You open your mouth and run a claw along a row of small, pointed teeth, your sinuous, muscular tongue flicking out, the end forked. You reach up, touching two twisting horns emerging from your skull. Interesting.

You're not sure why, but you feel strangely calm about all this. You slowly get up, staggering a little as you adjust to your new body, your wings and tail throwing off your balance a bit. You look around the enclosure, like a giant zoo exhibit, with high stone walls on three sides and long stretch of tinted glass on the fourth. You can't see anyone watching you, but your vision is still a little fuzzy.

And speaking of fuzzy, you take another look at your cellmates. Nearby you see a tall gray wolf, his body lean and toned, pacing back and forth in front of the glass. Sitting on a large rock is a black horse, his head hanging and forearms resting on his knees. Sitting on the bank of the small pond is a stocky brown otter, splashing his webbed back feet in the water. And lounging on some kind of climbing structure made from big logs is a fearsome looking tiger, absently scratching long furrows into the wood with his claws.

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