You suggest stopping to get a bite to eat in the cafe

From Create Your Own Story

It is mid morning now and you are starting to get hungry, "Hey what do you say we stop and get something to eat?".

"That would be great" Sarah says "I didn't have time for breakfast this morning so I am starving!"

You pull in and park up, as you open the car door you feel the heat of the mid morning sun hit you.

"Woah" Sarah exclaims "If I had known it was going to be this hot I would have worn shorts!"

You make your way over to the cafe but before you get there Sarah says "Order me some pancakes please, I will be there soon just want to pick something up from the shop".

She splits off from you and heads into the small store next door to the cafe. You enter the cafe and order two sets of pancakes.

After about five minutes Sarah walks in, as you look towards her you notice she has changed her shoes. She has taken off her converses and is now wearing a pair of cheap plastic flip flops. She smiles at you as she sits opposite you, "Sorry my feet where just too hot in those I had to buy some flip flops."

You both start eating your pancakes.

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