You had Breasts and a vagina

From Create Your Own Story

You of course saw your breasts first, and you knew that if they weren't in the way you would be able to see your pussy. You bent forwards and saw a paper by your feet. It had writing printed on it.

You picked it up and then read it's contents:

R-class 323, you have been selected to assist in research of new Animal, Products, and Machinary before they are revealed to the public. A Guard will come by at 7:00 pm to provide you uniform and direct you to your designated location.

I thoroughly suggest that you do not resist the guard and simply follow their directions or you will be eliminated. I hope that your stay with us is an educational and unique experiance.

By Proffesor Jeremy

Of course after reading that letter you felt a chill run down your spine. In a few minutes the door of your room let out a loud click and klang as it opened. A guard, decked out in a black suit and protective gear. You also noticed the weapon he carried in with him, a machine gun.

"Listen because I'm only gonna' say it once. Get dressed and follow me, or face the consequences." He said gruffingly.

Well what are YOU going to do?

Listen to the guard

Resist the Guard

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