You get up and walk toward the bar.

From Create Your Own Story

As you walk toward the bar, the music and voices get louder. There seems to be quite the celebration going on. As you push open the swinging door and step inside, people begin to fall silent and stare in your direction.

You ignore the stares as this is a common reaction to your appearance. You look human when people look at you dead-on, but something about the way you look out of the corner of people's eyes, the way your appearance seems to shift, draws the eye to you in a stare.

You confidently smile at the bartender, showing off teeth that appear far to big for your mouth and causing her to swallow nervously. People continue to stare. You order a black opal and slide a five onto the counter out of a magic bag that always gives you exactly as much money as you need for anything.

The bartender, a middle aged, potbellied woman, smiled nervously, took the money and reluctantly turned around to make you your drink.

A young man slides onto the bar stool next to you. He is probably only just 21 and has baby-cheeks under his clear, thoughtful brown eyes. He looks you over, but without gawking at you like everyone else seemed to do. You think he may be thinking of trying to hook up with you.

You say hello

You ignore him and drink your black opal

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