You agree with his plan wholeheartedly

From Create Your Own Story

You know he will go ahead with his plan anyway, so you decide to suck up a bit.

"I think it's a great plan," you concur, "California is a vital port and until now it seemed impenetrable. The attack is not only smart, but vital."

Advisers from around the room glare at you, seeing your plot for what it was. You don't care, though. You are here to further yourself.

"Now see," Trump gloated, "There's a man with some common sense!" He patted you on the back. "General, make all the necessary preparations. And Sasha, could you send Malania in please. The rest of you can go do whatever the fuck I'm paying you to do." Dismissed, everyone began to file out of the room. Sasha, Mr. Trump's personal assistant, hurried out of the room first, always eager to follow Mr. Trump's orders to the T. She was obsessed with him, a devout follower since he announced he was running. Rumor had it she worshiped him in more ways than one.

"By the way, Garvey," Trump adds, getting you attention, "My daughter was looking for you." You grin, nodding your head and leaving the room.

What is your next move?

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