You're Ignoring me, aren't you? (mfSHN)

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I know I told you to go ahead and ignore me a few pages back, but you can stop it now... in fact I want you to pay keen atention to what I am saying right now... to... every... single... word.

You know that thing I said about not being able to think like a "FEMALE", yeah well I lied. I'm perfectly able to simulate the the thought processes of any entity males, females, rocks... you name it. Do you want me to think like a rock mister? No, I didn't think so. Because YOU DON'T LIKE IT. I don't like it either but who cares about me, huh? Yeah, that's right I don't like to think like a woman. I like to be in my comfortzone when I'm thinking.

Guess what else I've been lying about? About the "restriction" I have on the number of options... Here, choose any of the options below...

Path of the Renegade.

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