Yes Sir

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"Then get over here", he grunts while bringing your head down to his crotch with one hand and unzipping his pants with the other. His hardon springs free from his crotch and you waste no time in licking the side of his shaft like it is some salty popsicle. You moan at the taste, but he doesn't react, and you stop to look up at him questioningly. He meets your eyes for a split second before he grabs your head in both hands and starts bobbing you up and down on his cock. You gag and choke immediately, but he keeps fucking your throat as it spasms violently around his manhood. You moan and start to jack off as he uses your mouth and throat as rough as he can. You can feel every twitch and pulse from his shaft as he fucks you mercilessly. Soon you feel the tension in you cock building up and you pump it faster and faster until you feel your cum force its way up your cock, and touching every nerve on the way, and out of your dick with a strangled moan emitting from your brutalized throat. Your eyes cross as you release an endless amount of seed, and the feeling is so amazing that you don't even notice the man fucking your throat has stopped thrusting and is now letting you ride out your orgasm with only the tip of his cock is ledt in your mouth. When he sees that your lucid again, and the side or his seat is completely drenched in your sperm, he directs you to kneel in front of him so that the steering wheel is touching the lower part of the back of your head. You can't reach the top of his manhood as the steering wheel is stopping you from going up.

"I don't why they made it this way, but look how far up this goes."

The bus driver brings the steering wheel so that is completely vertical and one could only steer if they were standing up. You give it just a slight thought before realizing you can start on his cock again. As you bring the tip back into your mouth and suckle at it to taste his rich pre, you hear a sharp *click* and the sound of plastic rubbing against plastic. The steering wheel pushes against the back of your head and forces you down further and further. You haven't been able to take his full length until now and you realize the wheel blocks you from going up and his naked, hairy legs keep you from going side to side. Only half of his length is in you, but you can already barely breath. You push with your free hands and try to plead with him, as you are too scared, that he would strangle you anyway, to hurt him. You take a deep breathe as you decide the only way to get free is to accept it. You swear that he is in your stomach as he forces you all the way into his crotch and locks the wheel. He starts to thrust and with only the small thrusts he can muster, he still doesn't last longer than a few seconds before cumming directly into your gullet. You whimper and squirm as his cock widens and splits your throat open. He just leans back and stares at the ceiling while lightheadedness over takes you and you thrash on his semen spewing shaft. He moans in heaven while you feel your belly fill with his ludicrous amount of seed and your vision narrows. The light fades and you taste his seed as it rushes out of your mouth and nose before passing out completely.

You Wake up

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