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You answer "Yes" and suddenly get knocked to the floor.

"You answer me with a sir you little cock loving bitch", he yells while undoing his belt and pants.

You look up to see him standing naked from the waist down with an erection so large, you are actually a little more afraid than aroused. He pulls off your pants with one hand while keeping you on your belly. All too soon you feel his dick rubbing against your backdoor, and start squirming in earnest. Your struggles for freedom aren't even that strong as you fantasize about him dominating you, but the bus driver decides that your squirming is too annoying to ignore. You hear the scrape of metal on metal right before he takes his hand off your back. Your new freedom last only for a moment before you feel his dick force its way into your ass. The pain is excruciating and you simply fall limp as he thrusts into you rapidly. He thrusts so quickly that he must given you ar least a dozen good ppundings before you lift your head to scream your pain away. The moment you lift your neck, however, he wraps his belt around it and squeezes.

"Fuuuuck bitch...mmph...god you're tight bitch.", he mutters while he forces his drooling manhood into you ass over and over. The feeling of having your prostate speared over and over again with the bonus of asphyxiation forces you into a place where everything hurts and feels amazing at the same time. You squirm and claw at the belt around your throat futilely, but the driver doesn't even notice as he pounds into you mercilessly. You groan and moan as best you can while trying not to give up your oxygen, but soon you feel your own orgasm coming and lose control of yourself. Your body is on survival mode and all of your senses are heightened. Soon the only thing you can focus on is the man behind you as his sweat, grunts, and thrusts invade all of your senses and push your rock-hard cock to leak pre like a faucet. You can feel him getting close and you ignore your on burning lungs so you can push back to meet his meat. He growls and starts fucking you faster and harder. You can't focus on anything else as he pulls you back and forth across the floor as if you were some sex toy before he forces his dick all the way into you and cums. You let out a weak yell as you feel him cum inside you, and get pushed over the edge yourself. Your scream of pleasure cost you your breath, however, and once he pulls out to cover your body with his cum, you let loose your own load while spasming on the ground and trying desperately to get his belt off. Your vision narrows and your heart pounds in your ears, but you can still feel the cum rushing out of your dick and splattering everything as your balls let loose everything they have. All you can see is the faint face of your bus driver snarling on you as he keeps cumming all over your twitching body. Your feet and hands are the first to stop moving and your muscles slowly stop working as the paralyzation creeps inward slowly. It covers your legs and chest and you close your eyes as your head is paralyzed as well. Soon the only thing left is your twitching cock still spraying its seed. The feeling doesn't stop and you know the man is opening your mouth to stick his still cumming cock down your throat, you can feel your own cum hitting your body, and you can feel the man's neverending seed filling your stomach, but you are powerless. Than everything stops.

Wake Up In an Alley

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