Worse night ever

From Create Your Own Story

You went to the club in your mother tight red dress also you putted on her red panties. You head off toward the new club. The black buff bouncer look at you while he let you in. He said "Have a good nice lady?" You felt his stares on your booty.

Inside the club the lights was going pretty fast you couldn't tell what was going on. You head off toward the bar on the non light upside. A guy got up so you sat in his old seat. There the bartender gave you a free glass of beer. You drunk it all up. A black guy with a gold tooth came up to "Sup white girl you want a glass of cold Budweiser." "Sorry I'm here with someone." you lied. You thought that he could tell that you was lieing but you guess you were wrong. The black guy went away.

A couple of seconds later the bartender told you that guy down there bought you a glass of wine. You look down there you couldn't tell who bought it for you. So you drunk it.

Few moments later you was wuzze and confused. You didn't know what was going on.

The nexts morning

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