Work a shift at the general store

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For some kids, the focus should be on school and school alone. But your family also needed money since your dad threw his back out last month. You had made an arrangement with Mr. Thompson to work a few hours at the general store after school each day.

Today was no different, after getting through the school day you drove straight to Mr. Thompson's store on the highway. It was connect to a greasy little diner and a truck stop, all owned by the Thompson family.

The job wasn't very interesting but at least it paid. You had been there for about an hour when Mr. Thompson went to go check on something in the back.

You decide to:

Try to flirt with girls from school that are browsing

Ring up the truck driver buying a porn mag

Go check on Mr. Thompson in the back

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Health 100 Equipment:

Baseball cap, Flannel shirt, Jeans, Hikeing boots hunting knife, phone

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Gender Male
Social Group Redneck
Boyfriend/Girlfriend Amanda
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