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For some reason you force yourself to watch this massacre. When one of the strange men yells out a word foreign to your language they all open fire and the prisoners fall to the ground. You think all this killing is too much for you because without even making a decision you jump out of your cover and spray the murderers with bullets. They are caught by surprise and 3 of them are killed instantly but one of them throws a grenade at you. Your instincts tell you to kick it back so you do and the other two men are killed by the ensuing blast. Only one man remains. He seems to be the leader of this group of savages. He is the tallest person you have ever seen in your life and he has scars all over his face and arms. You stand there for a second and wait for him to pull out a gun or something but instad he grabs a child and with a machete, decapitates her. You use the rest of your round on the man and think he's dead until he starts crying out in pain. You would finish him off but you don't have any more ammo and you don't want to try to find a weapon by sticking around so you flee the village and run for days.

4 days later

You have been in the jungle for exactly 4 days. Its humidity constantly irritates you and every time you hear a loud noise you jump, believing it is another group of strangers. When you set out for your daily hunt for food you see a farmer of your own race being harrased by one of the camouflaged men which you have learned are in many more numbers than you had anticipated. The farmer appears weak and backs down until the camouflaged man turns around and is shot in the back. For some reason you feel that you should approach the farmer so you do. When he sees you he asks "Are you hungry?"

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