Warriors: Blue Shadows

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This CYOA is based on the fanfiction 'Blue Shadows' and is made with complete knowledge and permission of the original author, Blue741776. Editing is fine, but please try to follow the main plot of the original.

You are laying in a warm nest. There are cats around you. You can hear two of them talking to your mother, who you know only as the warm body beside you. There are other kits in the nest.

"Cloudberry, was this really worth it?" You hear one cat ask. "You gave up everything and broke your vows for this?"

Your mother sighs. "I don't know. But I made my choice, Darkflower, and I can't change what I did."

There is silence. Then, the other cat asks another question. "You never named the last kit."

"You name it." Your mother says. You snuggle closer, not understanding the coldness in her tone. The cat, Darkflower, pauses to consider names.

Her choice depends on your gender. You are a...



Or, you could read a little summary and explanation of the story: Explanation

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