War zone

From Create Your Own Story

You wake in a strange room, Your eyes blurry from smoke. Your ears ring, as if something had exploded in your ear. As your eyes adjust, you take a deep breath, the smell of fire and metal. Oh yes, and smoke. The smoke fills your lungs, and you turn over coughing. After you recollect yourself, you sit up cautiously, and look around.You see there is, well, not much to see. Half of the room, from floor to ceiling, is burnt black, while the other half is gone completely, a thick smoke billowing in from another room and out into the dark, cold night. You attempt to get up, your legs wobbly. You stumble over to the hole in the wall, and look out. You are at least three stories off the ground, and the streets below seem cold and unforgiving. A chilly wind cuts through your body, and you shiver. You watch as a familiar commotion acts out below you, like a play you wish you could leave. Two men stumble out of the building across the street, their heads darting back and forth, looking for something.And their worst nightmares came true. From around the corner, a large, three legged machine came striding towards the men. They ran for the door of the building they came from, but it was too late. The machine had seen them. Two tentacle like arms extended from the base of the machines oval shaped cockpit. The arms swooped down and picked up the men with lightning speed, and pulled them even faster into its cockpit, one of the victims hitting their head on the way in. You turn your head skyward, not wanting to see more. This is what you were brought up in. This world of sorrow and despair. Where man runs from machine, always in fear. Here, in the WAR ZONE.

Now, what do you do?

Do you:

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