Walk yourself to school

From Create Your Own Story

After breakfast, you immediately went up to change. Today, you felt good, so you opted for just wearing a Hoodie you got for your birthday, a Form Fitting Shirt, Light-Pink Skinny Jeans, and Knee-high Boots. After thinking for awhile you decided to walk to school as the best option, so you packed up the rest of your school supplies and put them in your bag and left. Walking down the road leading to the school, you put on your headphones and listened to some music and was soon singing and dancing along to the beat of the songs that were playing. You reached the school with little time to spare, just in time for the bell to ring and you headed straight to class. After school ended, you went to your locker and opened it, only to see a note that simply said "Meet me in the park later on at 5:00 PM and dress nicely"

What do you do?

Do you:

Crumple the note and just head home

Meet the stranger in the park

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