Walk to school

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Being a young teenage girl is tough!

After walking to school, you realize you forgot all about your math test!

Ugh, you are screwed. Math is first period with Mr. Jones, and there is no way that he is going to let you get out of the test, no matter what you can think of!

This is awful.. worse than awful - you already might be kicked off the cheer-leading team because of grades.

It has been a rough quarter and, if you fail math, you might be forced to drop out of school entirely. Mr. Jones had even had a talk with you last month about your poor progress in math, and you had promised him 100% that you were going to be better.

Your sweet talking had worked once, but there was no way it was going to work again.

If only you had remembered the test earlier! You could have skipped school, or had you really remembered it, you could have actually studied for it.

There was some nerd in the class named Marcus that had offered to study with you. Obviously he just wanted to spend time with a cheerleader, and you had actually seen him trying not to stare at your tits last time he tried to talk to you, but had you realized how screwed you were going to be, you would have done it in a heartbeat.

As you hurry through the halls, your eyes begin to burn with tears. There is nothing you can do now. You sit down in class, and decide you have to cheat, but how will you do it?

Do you:

Requirements: This is a story about a young girl written in second person.

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