Waiting for Tyrone(SLBCJames)

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Mark left for college a few hours ago and you've just finished getting ready for Tyrone, it's not your first time in lingerie of course but it is your first time wearing it while wearing make-up and a wig and after looking in the mirror you could understand why people often commented that you and your wife looked alike and now for the first time you could see it for yourself, hearing knocking at the front door you fit on the collar and leash and go and answer it. You open the door slightly and before its open more than a few inches Tyrone pushes it open walks in and takes hold of the leash.

"The door stays open until you're on your hands and knees!" He says moving aside just enough so you could be seen from the street if anyone was there, you quickly drop to your hands and knees and he closes the door and locks it. "Wait there, I'm going to make sure everything is locked up."

He leaves you by the front door and disappears from your view returning ten minutes later you hear him talking to someone and you panic thinking he's brought someone else with him and you're quite relieved to see him return talking on his cellphone even if he is naked.

"Yeah man, my landlord threw me out that's why I didn't make it to see you off, I got round here as soon as I could but you'd already left. Now all I got to do is find myself a place to stay, well if you could that would save me a lot of hassle."

The conversation seemed to end and Tyrone picked up my leash and led me into the lounge where he sat on the couch and had me kneel at his feet, I heard a cellphone ring and Tyrone picked it up and headed it to me, I couldn't understand why until I recognized it as mine so I answered it and heard Mark on the other end.

"Hi Dad."

"Hi Mark, did you forget something?"

"No! I just called to ask a favor, my friend Tyrone as been thrown out by his landlord and needs a place to stay until he finds a new place, I said he could use my room if that's okay with you?"

I looked up at Tyrone amazed at his boldness and nerve as he sat there watching me oiling his cock and I knew I had no choice.

"That's fine with me."

"Great Dad, I call him and let him know, bye and thanks."


I ended the call and Tyrone took the cellphone off of me and place it next to his on the coffee table. He then slipped behind me onto his knees and moving my thong to one side he positioned his cock at the entrance of my ass and forced it inside. The pain was unbearable as he penetrated me I heard a cellphone ringing and he stopped pushing.

"Answer that and put it on loud speaker."

I picked up my cellphone realized it wasn't the one ringing and then picked up Tyrone's, I could see it was Mark ringing and was reluctant to answer it until Tyrone pushed another few inches of his cock into me so I quickly answered and put it on loud speaker covering my mouth with my hand once it was done.

"Yo Mark!" Tyrone said.

"Hey Ty, good news Dad says you can use my room."

"Your a good friend Mark, especially with my rep."

"Well, walking in to find Billy Price dressed as a cheerleader giving you head was certainly a shock, but I'm not worried about Dad he isn't like that!"

"And if he was?"

"My Dad's always told me to live my life without worrying about what other people think so I don't mind how he lives his, anyway I have to hang up see you man."

"You too!" I heard the cellphone disconnect so I hung up and put it back on the table unable to believe what I had just heard. "If you haven't already guessed Mark knows all about my tastes and he's cool with it, and I knew if I played it just right I could keep my best friend and turns his Dad into my little slut."

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