Wait outside for the bus

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After breakfast, you immediately went up to change. Today, you felt good, so you opted for just wearing a Hoodie you got for your birthday, a Form Fitting Shirt, Light-Pink Skinny Jeans, and Knee-high Boots. After thinking over on the best way to get to school is, you finally decided just to wait outside for the bus. After waiting for what seemed an eternity, the bus finally shows up and you enter it immediately and take a seat next to a window. After a few minutes on the bus, you start to drift back to sleep, since it'll be like another hour before the bus gets close to the school, so you didn't mind taking a bit of a nap, and you closed your eyes and went to sleep. You slowly wake back up, blinking slowly and rubbing your eyes sleepily,when suddenly, you felt something warm and sticky on you. Confused and shocked, you looked down to find your hoodie and pants covered in a white semi-transparent liquid. "I-Is that?" you say to yourself in shakily as you tentatively touched and tasted the liquid. "C-cum?!?!" All of a sudden, the bus comes to a stop and a voice over the intercom says "Attention all passengers, we have arrived at the last stop of the morning" "Shit..." you curse quietly to yourself as you think of a plan to coverup this disaster before anyone else notices.

What do you do?

Do you:

Go into the school as is

Take off your hoodie and wipe as much of the cum off of you as possible

Don't go to school

Gather as much cum as possible and drink it

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